the floods

Jake is the average farm boy who loves his dog bobbie. when bobbie leaves the house there will be know coming back for jake and bobbie and they have to survive homeless in the scary time of the flooding


2. all night to school

A few hours later I sat down at the table after having macaroni and cheese i started my homework. 

sheet one maths

n x 5 =25

what does n equal

Ugh i thought, maths was my worse subject but is quite obvious the answer was 5. i did question 1-8 in about 15 minuets which is good because that is all the homework i had.                                             After i had packed away i sat down on the red couch and watched some TV. The first channel that came up was the news i think it was reporting on some floods in the east but i never listen to the news so i changed it to a different channel. After the end of The Amazing Spider Man 2 there was a light pitter patter of rain. I ignored it and went up to go to my bedroom. The rain did not stop all night and i was getting fed up by the time i was eating my corn flakes in the morning. The same time came in the morning for me to head of to the bus stop. It was only a 2 minute walk down to the bus stop but my mum came with me every morning, she carried on walking with the dogs.

I think the bus was probably the best part of the day. I had loads of friends and we sat at the same spot nearly every time the bus came. As usual being the second stop to be picked up there was quiet a few seats left, but i took my usual spot where four of my friends were already sitting, on the bottom floor near the back of the Double Decker bus. My school bag was plonked in the middle of the square of seats along with 6 others.  "Morning" my friend Jack said. "Hey, so how is life my friend" as i replied with a posh accent a bunch of giggling came from my friends Emma, Danielle, Marcus and Robert who found everything weird or said funny will giggle.                                             As the giggling calmed down, a groaning Marcus said "I hate Thursdays in year 7, we have French, maths and geography." A small choir of sighs were heard as some other people whispered to their friends about the bad news.

It was about 5 minuets later when Zachary had settled down in his seat and the group only needed 2 more people to be at it's biggest. As the bus stopped where anna and lucy were waiting to get on there was only enough space for 3 more bags luckily they had 2 bags altogether so that left a bit more room for leg space.  

After 20 minuets of talking and laughing the gang settled down and took out books to revise for tests of reading books. I went for the option of reading books and took out an scruffy old book from the library that read MAN vs BEAST on the front cover. It was in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. I flicked through the pages to find a bit of ribbon as the bookmark and turned to page 261

Chapter 34.  BLOOD

Tom walked towards the courtyard behind the barn where the vans were parked, as Kyle set into the house to get to other van keys....


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