Take Me *Between the Devil and the Deep Blue See Competition version*

*WARNING: Suicidal thoughts*
“I don't want to kill you. I love you.” My face must have reddened again, because he went on a quickly, with a slight note of pleading in his tone. ”I do love you. I have never wanted to kill you. That was my task, yes, and I came here to fulfill it out of duty. It was never my intention. Then while I was waiting for the...right moment, I started to like you. I wasn't willing to do what I was told any more. I won't hurt you.” He sounded so honest, so desperate to convince me and I did want to believe him so so much, but how could I? He'd been lying without difficulty to me for months. But what if he wasn't this time? There's one way to know.
“Then tell me Rylie, who you really are?

Asia has never had an easy life. With her parents assaulting through her childhood and later living in an orphanage, when the last two person who cares for her leave, she decides to commit suicide. However, one of them comes back with a shocking revelation and changes everything

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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