FALL |When hate turns to love|


1. The new neighbor (Ch1)

"What the heck is that? Can't I just have some rest like the world?" I scream covering my head with a pillow, too much noise coming from the outside.

I was at a friend's party last night, so my head is already killing me, I drunk way too much yesterday, the noise and the beat of the loud music still blowing in my head.

I turn up my phone to check the time, it's already 9.am but I wasn't planning to wake up that early, I came back home 'till 3am.

I groan to myself and try to get over it and make a move to go down to see where that noise is actually coming from. I can't bear this mess any longer.

I put my white jacket on and open the front door. I step out, the noise get louder and louder, that annoys me like hell.

I find myself standing in front of a big truck parked in the middle of the road, Men out there carrying the stuffs which were stuck inside of the truck and getting them into the house, the one next to ours.

This house has been empty for three years, they say the owner has moved to New York. maybe he's back now. I make a step toward the truck.

"What are you looking for? young lady" a big man wearing a large white t-shirt says, looking down from the truck's window.

"I ... I just wanted to check where all this noise is coming from" "I ... I hardly fell asleep last night but... well. whatever" I scream so he can hear me over the huge noise this fucking truck is making, I fake a smile trying to not make it as awkward as it actually is. I really don't know since when I'm so good at faking smiles.

"I thought you were looking to welcome your new neighbors" he says putting a piece of cake in his dirty big mouth.

"Jess !! Is that you ?!! euuh !!" Someone says from behind, it sounds like a familial annoying voice which I have never felt comfortable with. I turn around to face the guy.

whaaat? is that Harry? my feet are no longer able to keep me standing up. I take a deep breath.

"Oh, SHIT! now I know why they say "days start by its mornings" but this saying is not going on me and I am not going to ruin my day because of an asshole" I yell through my teeth

"Is that the way you usually welcome new neighbors with?" he says putting his hands in his pocket.

"New neighbors? Dude, you are not welcome here, don't tell me you are moving here, cause I'm honestly going to pack my bags and fly to nowhere" I say moving my free hands in the air

"I moved here" He rolls his eyes

"whaaaaaaat?" I yell once again ,My eyes open wild, this is the last thing I've ever expected to happen, Me and Harry in the same neighberhood, this is impossible, Me and Harry neighbors. I nervously laugh at the trough.

"You haven't find a house anywhere else, only in this neighborhood, and next to my house?" I fire stepping toward him.

"Calm down girl, that wasn't me, my mother has brought this house, she has just told me yesterday about it, and wow I didn't know that you live here" He says looking up and down at my house.

"You know what Jess? I'm already in love with this neighborhood and my lovely neigh.."

"Shut the fuck up Harry" I cut him off.

"for once, try to be nice" he calmly says

"ahah! Nice to you?, Harry?"

"Yeah, we are neighbors now , aren't we?"

"Fuck you Styles" I've had enough fighting with him. I turn back walking to my House's front door, I hear his sneakers walking behind me, Hell no, he is following me. I suddently turn back to face him, now I can't control my reactions, I'm going to end up hurting this boy in the face.

Harry is so Provocative and that's the most thing I hate about him.

"What's wrong, Mr.Styles?"

"Nothing, I thought you would invite me to go inside. I mean your house. It looks nice from the outside, who take care of this roses? you? are you?well, I don't think so"

"Oh, Harry, you are so pathethic, dude, Leave!"

"Ok, as you like, see you later"

"hope Not"

I enter my house, I go up stairs, since I'm already complately awake, there's no need to go back to sleep. I take a quick shower, then I walk to the kitchen, I made an orange juice, thankfully the bad headache and all the noise that were blowing in my head are gone. I look by my Bedroom's window carrying my cup of orange jus, I see Harry standing there. they have finished getting all their stuffs Ainto the house, I'm feeling angry about Harry living in the same neighborhood as me, that's so annoying, I've never think of that before. He is the most annoying Guy ever, he's so provocative and he's always making fun of me, I hate the fact that sometimes he acts so nice to me but it only happens when it's about math exams, he's so bad at maths, so when it comes to this, he starts acting nice and all, just to get what he wants. He is so ironic, I know him for almost 3 years. he always gets me into troubles,so I do.

I sit on my bed and turn my computer on, I log in Facebook, I notice Kyle is Online, well, Kyle is my boyfriend, we have been dating for 2months now, He is nice and a good-looking guy, I don't know if he loves me but He does respect me and all and I respect him too. (Morning, beautiful) He texted. (Hey babe) I text him back. (I wanted to call you, but I thought we would be asleep) __ (No, I've been awake since 9') __ (So, what are you up to) __ (Nothing, maybe a lazy saturday xP)

I hear the front door opens.

(Kyle, talk later, gtg xx)

I close my computer and go downstairs, My dad is entering his room so I follow him.

"Where have you been last night?" I say.

when I came back at 3 last night, I haven't find him in the house, this wasn't something new to find out, it's not his first time, he always spend his nights in hotels, even sometimes He went one week without coming home.

"We say Goodmorning Jess"

"Goodmorning or goodevening? Dad, Look it's 2pm"

He lays down on his bed "Can you leave me alone, Jess, Darling I'm tired, I promise once I wake up We will talk" I roll my eyes and leave him alone lying in bed in his room, He hasn't even bother himself to take his shoes off.

(knock, knock)

I open the door, a sweet woman is standing there, maybe she is in her thirties, she hands me a cake tray and smiles to me, I don't know who she actually is.


"Hi" I smile back

"Sorry If I'm bothering you, we have just moved here, I wanted to be polite , is your mom there?"

"No, she is not, I mean I leave here with my father" I feel so nervous.

"Oh sorry, swetty I didn't mean that, hope everything is okey"

"No, that's nothing" I don't know if I should let her in or just stay at the doorway.

"Come in" I decide to let her in.

"Oh, thanks" She hugs me "Oh my gosh, I love your house, this is fantastic" her mouth falls open looking up at the ceiling.

"Thanks" I stay quiet for a second. "are you Harry's mother?" I suddently say through my teeth.

"yeah! do you know my son?"

"yep, He was my classmate for 3 years"

"And now neighbors" she laughs. "What's your name?"

"I'm Jess, Jess Parker"

"Nice to meet you beautiful, My name is Anne, call me Aunt Anne if you want to"

"Euh! I have to leave now, still have more neighbors to visit" she adds and hugs me

"Bye, Jess"


Before I close the door, a long hand blocked it.

"Harry, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Wait, what, I just come to see you, I know that you live here alone, I heard that rarely when you dad is home, I said maybe you need someone to entertain you"

" If I do, need someone to entertain me, for sure, it's ain't going to be you, Harry, or maybe you mean someone to annoy me, hein ?"

"When are you going to change Jess, You are always so mean to me, even though I try hard to work our friendship out"

"Our friendship?" I laugh much louder "What friendship are you talking about? Friendship he says!!"

"JESS" I can tell I'm driving him angry and mad this time, and I love when I do it. Harry is so hard to convince, you can't put him down no matter what.

"Get out" I yell

"I said, Get out" I repeat.

He looks at me, if looks kill I swear I would be dead.

"Pity Jess, Pity"

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