The New Arrival (Super 8)

Basically, this is my attempt at writing the first main body of the 2011 J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi thriller film 'Super 8'.
The storyline is mostly their work with a few of my ideas added in. *The characters have different names*
Some speech is taken directly from the script.


3. Chapter Three

Eventually they arrived at the desolate old tracks. The musty shack that rattled up where the trains were used to be a platform, but it had gone out of use (due to lack of repairs) a long time ago. Parking right near it, they all fought their way out of the car.

"This is perfect" Dane cried "and there's no one around!" There was no mistaking the excitement in his hardy voice. Joel glanced at Laird and noticed the look on his face that told him that he was trying unbelievably hard to not make a rude or witty remark. Within an instant, Dane had got Laird setting up the shady camera on the misused platform and Dane himself started peering through a lens he'd created with his fingers, still mumbling 'perfect'.

Approaching the platform, Jimmy was murmuring lines to himself, occasionally checking his script and Eden glanced at hers about twice, before leaning against a pillar casually. Joel neared her cautiously, as if she was some kind of dangerous and nauseating creature. 

"Can I do your make-up now?" he questioned. Eden looked up maliciously, but an unsuspecting smile found its way over her face before she replied.

"Yeah, okay" Tying up her hair, she closed her eyes as if she'd done this a million times, but considering they were only fifteen, this was probably her first. They didn't really speak whilst Joel added the powder to her face, but that was understandable as they barely knew each other.

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