The New Arrival (Super 8)

Basically, this is my attempt at writing the first main body of the 2011 J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi thriller film 'Super 8'.
The storyline is mostly their work with a few of my ideas added in. *The characters have different names*
Some speech is taken directly from the script.


7. Chapter Seven

He glanced around to see his four friends standing behind him. Turning his head back-round he noticed the beast running, out of cowardly, overpowering fear, into the distance.

"Thank god you're alive!"

Joel scrambled to his feet, brushing off the dirt from his jeans as he did so.

"Are you okay?" Eden asked cautiously, stepping forward slightly. However, Joel was still searching for the harsh figure that that he'd just seen, praying that his eyes had deceived him, but knowing secretly that they hadn't. Turning around warily, he tried his hardest to not show the unmistakeable fear in his eyes. But as his eyes met theirs, he knew he had been unsuccessful . Then their eyes met the gash in his left arm, that had ripped through his shirt. They gasped slightly.

"What happened?" Dane curiously questioned, Jimmy had gone pale-faced and looked like he was about to throw up, in fact, by the way it seemed, he probably had already.

"Are you okay?" Eden repeated as she came up behind him.

"I saw something" Joel spat out "but it went, I don't know what it was, but it was big" 

"Jesus Joel, really?" Dane quizzed

"Really. It escaped from the train, I don't know what it was doing in there, but I'm pretty sure whoever was moving it didn't want anyone to find out"

"Am I the only one shaking?" Jimmy moaned in the background

"Why would they hide it?" Eden asked

"I don't know, and I don't think we're meant too, but I'm going to find out" Joel finished

The other four glanced nervously at each other

"We're going to find out" Eden corrected him

The black sky grew even darker with the anticipation of the five friends, but something was certain: whatever had escaped had just started something terrible. Fear crept into all of their rapidly pulsating hearts, and pumped its way round each of their bodies. A strange darkness from within the train was unleashed, a vital truth had escaped and with it so had evil.

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