The New Arrival (Super 8)

Basically, this is my attempt at writing the first main body of the 2011 J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi thriller film 'Super 8'.
The storyline is mostly their work with a few of my ideas added in. *The characters have different names*
Some speech is taken directly from the script.


1. Chapter One

"So she's coming? Eden Reynolds is coming to film the movie with us?" Joel Hamilton was excited. His best friend Dane Courtney was making a short, novice film for the Super 8 film festival. It was a competition that Dane had been working his way towards for a while, and his only aspiration was to become a director, so it made sense to start young. 

"Yes, she is, for the last time Joel, I've got her in on the film too" Dane replied


"I just asked her in the silent reading section and, with a bit of expert persuasion, she agreed"

"You're not supposed to talk at all in the silent reading section" Laird piped up sarcastically "it's for 'silent reading'"

"So when are we starting the scene?" Joel asked casually, ignoring Laird's snide remark.

"Tonight at twelve, you can come can't you?"

"Yeah, I guess. Where are we meeting?"

"At the bottom of Lilian hill, Eden is driving us to the train tracks"

"She can drive!" they neared Joel's house.

"Get with it bro!" Dane exclaimed, as he left Joel "the twentieth century is a wonderful thing. 1979 baby!" he cheered, before leaving the block and continuing to his own house, Laird at his heels. 

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