The New Arrival (Super 8)

Basically, this is my attempt at writing the first main body of the 2011 J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi thriller film 'Super 8'.
The storyline is mostly their work with a few of my ideas added in. *The characters have different names*
Some speech is taken directly from the script.


4. Chapter Four

"Practise run-through!" Dane ordered. Everyone took their places on the ready-made set. Laird ran to the camera and Jimmy and Eden  became Mr and Mrs Hathaway as they took to their stage. "And action!"

"I'm going to stay here and investigate. I think it would be safer if you left town for a couple of days" Jimmy spoke

"John I don't like it, this case, these murders." Eden delved into her character

"What am I supposed to do, go to Michigan with you?"

"Mackinac Island's beautiful this time of year" slowly, Joel's eyes scanned Eden, amazed at the unexpected truth and depth that she brought to the role.

"Sweetheart, this is my job"

"The dead coming back to life...? I think you're in danger"

"I have no choice" Jimmy was surprisingly assertive

"You do have a choice, we all do" Eden started crying as she performed her lines! It wasn't overdone, or cheesy: it was real. She continued "John, I've never asked you to stop. I've never asked you to give up or walk away" Dane watched in total awe and, giddily, he was transported to the heart of Hathaway's wife. However, Joel just stared and became galvanised; any vague interest in Eden was now set. "But I'm asking you now... please. For me. Don't go back. Don't leave me" Even Laird was in a trance now "I need to know that this isn't the last time I'll see you." You could've heard a pin drop. "I just love you so much" Jimmy was awestruck and it took a while for him to compose himself as he was thrown by the passion and heart of her performance.

"I...I love you too..."

Eden looked at Dane, unsure of her performance. 

"Was that okay? Or not really?" she grimaced. Stunned and almost crying, Dane stared right at her and said

"That was brilliant"


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