The New Arrival (Super 8)

Basically, this is my attempt at writing the first main body of the 2011 J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi thriller film 'Super 8'.
The storyline is mostly their work with a few of my ideas added in. *The characters have different names*
Some speech is taken directly from the script.


5. Chapter Five

In the distance an air horn sounded and a flickering light appeared in the same direction.

"PRODUCTION VALUE!" yelled Dane "Is there a film in the camera?" 

"I didn't put it in" Laird said

"PUT IT IN PUT IT IN! Joel, go get the mike ready, go go! Jimmy get the tripod set up. Hurry! Oh god I hope we don't miss it! Is there a film in the camera yet?!"

"It's in okay?!"

Running to Eden, Dane snatched her script away.

"Jimmy you know your lines right?"

"I think so..." he said uncertainly

"I love how calm he is" Eden giggled

"He's a very relaxed guy" laughed Joel

"Everyone ready? Make sure to be extra loud when the train passes by! Oh god please don't let us miss it! You ready?! And ACTION" 

"I'm going to stay here and investigate. I think it would be safer if you left town for a couple of days"

"John I don't like it, this case, these murders"

"What am I supposed to do? Go to Michigan with you?"

"Mackinac Island's beautiful this time of year"

"Sweetheart this is my job"

Watching closely, Dane swelled with excitement, but Joel focused on the train in the distance. Gradually it became louder, so Jimmy and Eden had to yell over its constant noise. They continued their lines.

Glancing at the head lights of the train, Joel turned his head and saw something that, for a second, he couldn't quite get his head around. A different vehicle was making its way up the tracks: a truck. White and dirty, the pick-up looked ancient and rusty with age, but why was the driver driving up the tracks? Dane, oblivious to this, was almost laughing at how good it seemed. The car and the train were so close to colliding that Joel pinched himself mentally, to see if it was just some sick, twisted hallucination. No such luck. Suddenly, a destructive crash sounded just as Jimmy yelled 

"Love you too!"

"Guys watch out!" cried Joel, flinging the mike down

"Joel, what the hell-" Dane broke off as his eyes met the horrifying sight of the compacting metal of the train. All five of them gasped in unison.


They scattered as the wave of obliterative metal passed them.

"Eden!" Joel called out to the cataclysmic scene.

"Joel we have to go!" ordered Dane

"I don't want to die!" screeched Laird

Nearby cars were ripped violently off tracks and cars from further back jolted towards the screaming mass of kids. One slammed into the depot, shattering it. The entire area was decimated in an instant. Fires and explosions had sparked up all around the scene. Dying chugs of train wheels screeched as they ran out of momentum. All that was left were the hisses of steam and the unnatural bending of steel.

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