How Real Can it Get

Lane. Matthew, Luke, and Jordan have been best friends since kindergarden. They have always played on the same football teams and hung in the same circles. Till one day everything changes. Luke has to move away to Alabama. He doesn't see how this will work, he meets Chloe, a rebel, a girl who doesn't have a care in the world. Will he fall in love or will he hate the small town?


1. This Must Be A Joke



        "Dude, are you serious?" Lane asked.

        "Yeah my folks broke the news to me last night." Luke replyed.

        "Man, Alabama is like a million miles away." Matthew said.

        "Well, i'm going to miss you bro." Jordan said.

        "The same." Luke said.

        "Well we are all going to miss you no doubt bro. Dang what made your parents want to move?" Lane asked.

        "I don't even know. This is where I grew up. I never thought I would leave until I graduated. This is just crazy." Luke said. He ran his fingers threw his hair.

        "We will all see each other again. Were buds and our kids will have to best friends." Lane said with a smile.

        "Oh man I gotta go home and pack." Luke blew out a breath."Well I guess this is it. This is the first time i'm saying this, but I love you guys."

       "We love you too." They said in unison.

       "Enough of this mushy stuff, I gotta go see you guys later." With that Luke turned around and walked to his car. He fired it up and drove off.




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