Harr Styles Imagines

Harry Styles Imagines for all the Harry girls out there!!


1. Proposal.

"God what a tough day." you thought to yourself as you came home from you shift being a nurse. It was 11 pm and you were working what was called the Twilight shift. You walk through the door of your living room to see Harry asleep on it, still in his jeans and plaid shirt, half sitting, half laying down. You go to make a cup of tea and a sandwich when you hear him calling you in a raspy sleepy voice.

"Y/N? Is-is that you?"

"Yeah babe. Did wait up for me?"

"I... umm...I tried. Sorry babe." Harry says walking over to you are in the kitchen, making a cup of tea. He wraps his long, muscular arms around your tiny, petit frame

"How was work Y/N?"

"Umm...crappy. How was your day?" you reply.

"Louis was being an asshole teasing me about you and then Niall joined in and Zayn and Liam tried making them stop but.... they didn't! why was your day Crappy?" Harry asked with his award-winning smile.

"Well... patients threw up. patients were being annoying and we had one coming in and started hitting on Johanna."

"Louis' mum?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. Can we go to bed?"

"sure but eat your food first."

You sat in silence, not an awkward silence, but a blissful one.

"Babe?" Harry asked.

"Yeah hun?"

"Knock knock."

"who's there?"

"Marry me Y/N?"

"Marry me Y/N who?"


"What? Harry I'm not in the mood for stupid jokes right now." You say in a really sleepy state.

"Ok. I'll carry you upstairs." He says. Harry Carries you upstairs to your room and sits you on the bed and helps you get you pyjamas on.

"Babe?" Harry asks again.

"Yeah hun?" You say. he gets down on one knee in front of you.

"Well... since you didn't get my first hint... Will you Marry me? as in for real?" you started to cry and stutter.

"Y-yes oh my God yes!" you cry he picks you up and kisses you.

A/N Lame as ass I know but something Abby_Woodford15x and I said earlier reminded me of this! x request in comments

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