Harr Styles Imagines

Harry Styles Imagines for all the Harry girls out there!!


2. Getting together.


You have been secretly and silently crushing on your best male friend, Harry styles and your Female best friend, Y/B/F/N, has been trying to get you to tell him considering she's dating his beat friend, Liam Payne!

"Go talk to him Abs! Abby? Abby? ABBY???" Y/B/F/N loud doing voice snaps you out of day dreaming about how drop dead gorgeous Harry is but not only day dreaming, Your staring at him. Well more specificly, His butt.

"Y-Yeah. What? Sorry Y/B/F/N what were you saying?"

"Uuuuggghhh! Stop eye-raping him, and go talk to him!"


"Fine, I'll call him over! HARRY!!!!!"

before you could say no he's right behind you.

"Scooch over Abby!" He says. You scooch so he can sit next to you but he puts he puts you.on his lap and you blush deeply. Liam and Charlotte chuckle you wonder how Liam got there and how Charlotte ended up sitting on his lap but you realise you were only looking at Harry. "Thanks babe!" He says kissing your forehead causing you to blush. You look at Charlotte and Liam who were giggling, Laughing and kissing.

"Something funny?" Harry asks looking at the giggling teenagers.

"No." They both say, Silence for a minute until Charlotte inaudibly whispers something into Liams ear then he nods.

"So... Liam and Charlotte, Thinking about getting married?" Harry asks them.

"Harry!!" They shout.

"We've only been dating for nine months!" Liam says.

"Huh, Surprised she's not.pregnant yet.". You and Harry giggle.

"Your dead Styles!" Liam says going to get up but remembers his girlfriend is sitting on him.

"Your very loud Li. Don't forget we all share an apartment!"

"We use protection!"

'LIAM!" Charlotte shouts and slaps his arm.

"Right im going to get drinks. Liam can you give me a hand?" Charlotte asks.

"Sure babe!" Liam says getting up and walking off hand in hand to the drink stand, Leaving you alone with Harry, And your sitting on his lap. You can feel his hot breath on your cheek, Your heart fluttered.

"You smell good Abs. What perfume you wearing?"

"Our moment." You say blushing.

"Why you blushing beautiful?" He asks. You think Wow he just called me beautiful.

"Because it's something a twelve year old girl would wear."

"Youth sitting on me, Harry Styles, My lap and that'd what your worried about? Come here!" He leans closer to you when you hear footsteps.

"We're back!" Liam and Charlotte yell.

"Oh! Thank god!" You stand up and grab a glass of Pepsi.

"Oh Abby don't you like my company?" Harry asks slightly annoyed.

"No- I-I j-just-"

"Save it! And to think, I almost kissed you!"

"What?!" Liam and Charlotte say spitting out their Pepsi.

"WAIT!!" You shout, he ignores you.

"I love you." You whisper. He stops then carries on walking.

"Liam go after him." Charlotte says. You sink into the chair.

"Abby? Did he try to kiss you?"

"Y-yeah, Charlieey can we just ho.home and watch a film?"

She nods and slowly gets up and walks back to yours, charlottes, Liam and Harrys shared apparent.




As you walk into your flat, In the living room you hear gentle crying. You know immediately that it's Harry.

"I-I-I Love her L-L-Liam l." You hear Harry say Liam responds by saying;

"Harry maybe she just doesn't feel the same."

You wanted to scream, I do feel the same! Harry started to cry harder.
"Sssssssh" Liam responded.
"Can we watch the film in my room?" you ask charlotte.
"Yeah, you go up i just wanna talk to Liam. Ok?" You nod walking upstairs. You hear bits of the conversation below then Charlotte appears in the door of your bedroom holding a DVD; The Notebook she's also smiling like an idiot.
"Why are you smiling like a cerial killer?"
"Because... We are going to play truth or dare later. Lets just watch the film."

Half way through the film, More towards the end Charlottes phone buzzes.
"Come on. Lets go, Truth or dare time. Get up." Before you know it your being pulled down stairs and into the living room where you see Liam and Harry sitting on the white fluffy rug opposite each.other. Charlotte sits down cuddling up to Liam. Your told to turn the lights off Harry grabs a touch and shines it to you.
"Truth or dare Abby?"
"Truth." You reply being careful of picking dare.
"Will you ever be able to forgive me for this morning?" You look into his green, sparkling eyes
"Of course Hazza... I love you but what i meant was that it was awkward... your my best male friend." You say whilst giving him a big hug not realizing your sitting on his lap. Again.
"S-Sorry..." You say going to get up but he pulls you back you realise you can't talk to Charlieey so you text her.

Tell Liam this to. I dont want mine and Harrys first kiss and maybe only kiss to be during a game of T or D Thanx xx P.S don't reply.

You see her show Liam the phone you sigh.
"Right..." you take the touch from Harry. "Charlieey.... T or D?"
"Ooooh Dare please Abs!"
"Ook." Harry taps your shoulder. "Hmmm... ok" You look back at Charlieey who gulps.
"Charlieey you have to straddle Liam and kiss him for Three minutes."
Charlotte completed the dare and you hand her the touch.
"Liam... Truth or dare Honey?"
"I want that..." You whisper but Harry and Charlotte Hear you.
"What?" They both ask.
"Ummmm... well just you two are cute, I want that with someone..." You say. Partly telling the truth. "And i know who i want aswell..." You say thinking about how your perched on his lap.
"Right back to the game Liam you picked truth..." Harry says.
"Oh right Liam.... How much do you love me and why?" Charlotte asks.
"Well..." Liam begins and whispers something into charlottes ear, Making her bush. "And why..... Because your smart, Pretty and..." He whispers something else into.her ear making her hi deeper a red. "And i just Love you!"
"Awwww Liam!" Charlieey says then kisses Him. He takes the touched flashing it at Harry who is texting someone when Liam phone goes off and He shows Charlotte.
"Harry describe the personal you love.... oh wait truth or dare?"
"Truth!" Harry replies.
"Crap! Well do you have a crush on someone and is it a big one?" Liam asks grabbing Charlotte hand.
"Yes i do Liam, And yes ut is a big one.... Im sooo whipped!" Harry answers kissing your shoulder. You think. wait he just kissed my shoulder.
Charlieey just yawned really loudly.
"You tires sweetie? Wanna go to bed?" She just nods and walks out of the room.
You go to get up but Harry slides you off stands up then helps you up.
"Abby can i tell you something? you know when i said about being whipped and-" You cut him off by kissing his lips softly. You stop and go to walk away but he grabs your arm pulling you into a hug.
"Don't go, This is where you belong... In my arms..."
"Yes! We knew you'd get together!" Liam says as he and charlotte High five and appear in the door.
"I thought you were tired and went to bed Charlieey?" Harry questions.
"I lied, to get you to to talk."
"But we're not actually going out yet..." You say disappointed.
"Abby... Will... You... b-be m-my girl.... Girlfriend?" You just look at him nodding and hugging him tighter as liam hugs Charlotte kissing her head. you all walk up to your rooms.

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