I fell in love with my bully

Violet has always been bullied. Her mom died and now she has to take care of herself and her sister.Their drunk dad never helps.What happens when her dad does help.And the boy she always runs to for help isn't her prince charming and is her monster.Will she try to make it work or give up the one she loves??? Read to find out more


4. The secret that stays a secret

After i got home i texted Mrs.Rosa to pick up Kylie for me and told her what happened she understood and said it would all be fine but it wouldn't. I know how Megan is and if i was right it was just the beginning. I decided to go on Facebook and check my profile. And i knew it when i saw it. All the comments on my stuff was negative.
"Fat *****,no good,ugly,whore,slut,garbage,dog,and the one that wasn't good but that really hit me was the "motherless whore". I went to the bathroom and did something i said i would never do again but i needed it. I grabbed the razor. I pressed it against my skin and dragged it letting the blood flow all over my arm. When i was done i washed up and put on a long sleeved shirt. Luckily it was winter so no one would notice. I went back to my room and logged out of Facebook and started a chat with Ed. 
Ed= so what class are you in now
V= im at home actually 
Ed=why what happened"
After i explained what happened without telling him names.
"Ed=Oh my gosh where do you live im coming over" 
I knew he would see my scars.
"V= not right now I'm tired and hurting it would be a waste but i will tell you when you can ok
Ed=ok beautiful get some sleep bye love you
V= bye love you"
With that i fell asleep.

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