I fell in love with my bully

Violet has always been bullied. Her mom died and now she has to take care of herself and her sister.Their drunk dad never helps.What happens when her dad does help.And the boy she always runs to for help isn't her prince charming and is her monster.Will she try to make it work or give up the one she loves??? Read to find out more


6. Perfect Dress

I woke up to sydney and lily talking about what kind of dress they want. Sydney is going to the dance with nick, her boyfriend for the past two years. Lily is going with cody,who she has been dating for almost a year.

Then there is me falling for a guy that i haven't seen before.

"S=i want a yellow dress

L=i either want a pink or sky blue dress

V=i want some peace and quiet so i can have my beauty sleep.

S=oh good your awake

L=so what kind of dress do you want

V=i just want one that looks good on me

S=well that covers it now get up so we can leave

V=ok ok calm down"

We all laugh and started to get ready. I throw my brown,with purple streaks,hair into a bun and i put on some mascara. I throw on my i love mustaches sweater and some leggings. I zip up my rocker boots and headed down the hall to the kitchen. Lily and sydney are seating at the table eating breakfast like they are cavemen.

"V=guys slow down there is a thing call chewing

S=yea but if the cereal is soggy it just slides down

V=good thing i don't eat cereal

L=yea you have some pancakes in the microwave"

Pancakes but I'm the only one who can make those. I open up the microwave and see store bought microwaveable pancakes.

"S=your dad made them before going and getting ready

V=oh ok

K=hey Sid hey L

S=hey pumpkin

L=hey short stuff"

Ever since lily and sydney meet my sister they fell in love with her and gave her a nickname from each. To me she is curly junior cause when she was 2 to about now her hair has always been curly. She has nicknames for them like L for lily and Sid for sydney. She calls me curly cause my hair has always been curly too. Me and my sister look a lot alike. When we go out in public people ask if she is my kid and I'm like no I'm to young to be a mom.

"V=have you ate yet


V=well how about mom's pancakes

K=sounds great sissy

V= good"

As i made kylie's pancakes i got a txt. It was a Facebook alert. It read someone has messaged you. Great i know it was Megan again. I put kylie's pancakes on a plate grabbed the syrup and laid it on the counter for her and she attacked it. I swear no one has eating manners. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it. The message wasn't from Megan it was from James.

"J=hey i saw what Megan posted on your wall about your mom and i thought that was too far I'm sorry about that

V=why do you care all you have ever done was hurt me

J=i said i was sorry

V=yea and how does that help the bruises and scars she left on me


V=never mind why do you care"

And i logged out leaving him at that. I showed sydney and lily the messages.

"S=what a fake he is only doing that so he can get stuff out of you

V=i know and its so sad

L=well we need to forget him and go shopping


Dad came out and we went to the mall.

~2 hours later~

I can't believe i still haven't found a dress yet. Lily and sydney found one but i didn't.

"D=I'm sorry princ.....wait i have it!


Dad ran upstairs and came down with a box.

"Your mother told me if you ever needed this to give it to you at the right time and i think it is the right time"dad said with a huge smile. It was a white box with a bow. I pulled one of the folds of the bow and it came apart. I pulled the top off and in the box was an amazing dress. It was a purple dress with white lace around the ends of the dress. I pulled the dress out and went to go try the dress on. I walked out of my room into the living room.

"S=oh my god you look amazing

V=thank you

D=this also goes with it"

It was a matching mask

"V=wow mom thought of everything

D=she always did"

My dad looked like he was going to cry so i pulled him in a hug.

"V=mom would be proud of you

D=no she would be proud of you princess"

Then we couldn't help it we cried into each other's shoulder.

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