I fell in love with my bully

Violet has always been bullied. Her mom died and now she has to take care of herself and her sister.Their drunk dad never helps.What happens when her dad does help.And the boy she always runs to for help isn't her prince charming and is her monster.Will she try to make it work or give up the one she loves??? Read to find out more


2. My wonderful friday

I woke up to Kylie jumping on me. I pushed her off and got ready for school. Finally its friday no bullies for a whole weekend. When I was done getting ready I went down stairs to make breakfast. Kylie came down and I started on her pancakes. Luckily mom taught me how to make them before she passed. It's one thing we have left of her. Dad started coming down the stairs,sober for once. 
"D=good morning girls 
V=good morning father how did you sleep
D=good thanks
K=dad are you ok
D=yea I just have a headache
V=here I already got you two Advil's and some water for your hangover
D=violet can I talk to you alone
V=yea sure Kylie go get your stuff for school and get mine too
D=Violet I want to stop drinking I know last time I hit you and it wasn't right but I want to stop for you and Kylie and your mother would want that
V=wow dad you really want to do this ok first throw this away and take your medicine 
Wow he had no problem throwing away his beer. He really wants to change.
"D=now what
V=well you have to get in shape cause you have gained weight since mom passed
D=ok I will go jogging now you girls ok with taking the bus
V=yea we are ok love you dad
D=love you princess LOVE YOU KYLIE
After dad left,me and Kylie started heading to the bus stop. She got on her bus and waved goodbye. After a few minutes my bus came. After a 30 min. drive to school we arrived. I took my iPod out and started talking to countryboy483
"C=hey so what happened last night
V=nothing he came home and went to bed and this morning he said he wanted to change he threw away his beer and went for a jog
C=wow thats amazing maybe he will be the dad you wish for again and maybe he will let me come over
V=maybe lets take it a step at a time and we still don't know each others name
C=well that leaves a mystery for us when we do meet
V=I hope so well I have to go I see my bullies coming by
C=be strong kick him somewhere if you have to.
V=thanks love you bye
C=no problem love you bye" 
Just then James and Megan came up to me.
"J=look what the janitor drug in a pile of crap
M=i didn't know they let animals into school
J=they don't this one just happened to crawl in
M=maybe it is rabid 
J=don't get to close you will get infected
M=maybe I should get close my behavior might rub off this stray dog"
Just then as I'm on the edge of crying I see lily and sydney coming. 
"L=hey walking barbie don't you have a better place to be
S=or is your plastic butt stuck in the position from all the hairspray you use Mrs. Dolly Parton wanna be.
M=I would be carefully I can make your life's miserably
L=oh crap sydney 
L=I almost gave a crap
S=that would have sucked
M=I'm warning you now get out while you can
S=I wish I could get out of school but then it would be just a school filled with dumb blonds like you" 
James started to chuckle and Megan shot him a look.
"M=I warned you have a good life while you can
L=I would but your still here
S=better get a head start to class the hairspray will slow you down"
Megan and James walked away and I grabbed lily and sydney into a hug.
"V= I love you guys
L= why do you take that crap
S=yea they are just perp wanna bes
V=cause my mom taught me to never fight back cause it only made it worse
L=well we will always be here for you 
S=yea just call us beeps us if you want to reach us
V=ok I know you like Kim possible but really 
S=yes really"
We ended the conversation there and headed to class. My first period teacher is art and she never makes us do anything cause she has been working on her own art so we get on our phones. I decided to txt countryboy483
"C=hey how did it go
V=great my besties
came over and total owned them
C=awesome when we meet I want all the details
V= ok so I want to know your name
V=I like it my real name is Elizabeth
C=that is a beautiful name it sure fits the one who owns it
V=haha thanks Edward but I will call you ed for short
C= and I will just call you E ok
V=sounds great well I have to go school work ugh
C=bye my E love you
V=bye my ed love you"
Wow I can't wait to meet him in person. Now about that school work ugh!

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