I fell in love with my bully

Violet has always been bullied. Her mom died and now she has to take care of herself and her sister.Their drunk dad never helps.What happens when her dad does help.And the boy she always runs to for help isn't her prince charming and is her monster.Will she try to make it work or give up the one she loves??? Read to find out more


5. Dream Boy

I woke up and grabbed my phone off the night stand. Wow 20 missed calls from lily and sydney and 10 messages. I viewed all and decided to call them back.
"S=hey how are you
V=good i guess 
S=do you mind if me and lily come over
V=nope come on"
About an hour later i hear a knock on my door
V=hey guys whats up
S=nothing just coming to check up on you
It was hot it my room so i pushed my sleeves up and soon regretted it when i screamed in pain.
"S=violent are those cuts i thought you quit
L=you promised us
V=i know and I'm sorry but you should see what Megan and James posted on Facebook they said i was a motherless whore 
S=WHAT!!! Its ok to mess with me about my brother being in jail but talking about your mom when she isn't here is another!
L=i agree you need to stand up to her
V=and look where it got me bloody on a bathroom floor
S=well i still think you should go to the dance 
L=wait doesn't countryboy483 go to our school ask him to go
V=he isn't countryboy483 anymore he told me his name
S=what thats awesome what is it
V=Edward but i call him ed
L=does he know yours 
V=my real one not the one i go by
S=you mean Elizabeth
L=well I'm happy for you and no more cutting pinkie promise us this time 
V=ok i pinkie promise"
As they left i opened my computer and started a chat with ed.
V=so you do go to the same school as me right
Ed=Hearst high school right
Ed=then yea why
V=i was just wondering
Ed=well i have been meaning to ask you something
Ed=well since we go to the same school and the dance is coming up do you maybe want to go with me?
V=let me think....um YES!
Ed=ok well its a mascaraed so remember to wear a mask and it will be a mystery for both of us when we see each other
V=i can't wait talk to you later bye love you
Ed=bye love you"
Omg he asked i thought i would have to try harder than that but no he was already going to ask me yay I'm so happy. Well i better call sydney and lily.
"V=hey is lily with you
S=yea why
V=ok put me on speaker
S=ok your on speaker
V= ok guys guess who just asked me to the dance
V=i know right he said he has been planing to ask me 
S=thats awesome we are so happy for you
V=yea but i need a dress and a mask 
S=we can go dress shopping tomorrow ok
V=ok guys well im going to go bye
I hung up the phone and laid it on my bed. I walked into the kitchen to see dad cooking dinner.
"D=hey honey how are you feeling
V=still like crap and whats for dinner
D=thats not good and tacos
V=yummy where is Kylie
K=behind you
V=gosh Kylie don't scare me like that
V= its ok oh and dad i got a date to the dance
D=really thats great who is he
V=his name is Edward and he is going to meet me at the dance 
D=ok well are you going dress shopping
V= yea sydney and lily are taking me
D=see if they can spend the night cause your sister as something at the mall and i need to go there any ways
V=really wow thanks dad i will go call them now"
I got to my room and grabbed my phone.
S=hey whats up
V=nothing just wanted to see if you wanted to spend the night dad said it was ok
S=yea sure let me ask 
V=ok I'm going to three way call and ask lily
Three way call
V=hey do you want to spend the night dad said it was ok and i am three way calling with sydney too
L=yea let me ask mom
S=they said yes
L=so did mine
V=ok see you guys soon
S&L=ok bye
I went and told dad then to clean my room. I pushed all my clothes in the bucket and put all my shoes in the chest. I hung up all my clean clothes and i was done it great timing. I heard a knock on my door and it was sydney and lily.
V=hey guys come in
S=i see you cleaned it looks good
L=so tell us everything
V=so dad has been good and ed was so sweet"
I got out my laptop and i showed them the messages. 
"S=aww you guys are so cute together
L=yea when are you guys going to meet
V=we have been doing this non stop for a year now i just hope the dance goes well
S=me too or i will have to hurt him
So after we talked for hours about Edward dinner was ready and we ate. After that we all got in our pjs and fell asleep.

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