I fell in love with my bully

Violet has always been bullied. Her mom died and now she has to take care of herself and her sister.Their drunk dad never helps.What happens when her dad does help.And the boy she always runs to for help isn't her prince charming and is her monster.Will she try to make it work or give up the one she loves??? Read to find out more


8. Dream Boy Or Not

As i got up i looked at my clock it was friday. Today was the day of the dance. Megan and James bullied me a lot this week but no physical attacks so i was looking great for the dance. Today was a half day cause the danced started at 5:30 and ended at 10. They wanted to decorate before the dance. As i got up i got dressed and laid my dress out for when i get home. Sydney and lily were coming home with me today so we could do each other's hair and makeup. I walked into the kitchen and made breakfast. I went to wake up Kylie. After i did that i got my stuff and headed for the bus.
~30 mins later~ 
I got to school and found sydney and lily. 
"V=hey guys
S=hey guess what 
L=we saw Megan and James break up 
We all laughed and then i saw James all alone. I walked over to him. 
"V=hey i heard what happened I'm sorry
J= thanks but i don't understand
J=i have been nothing but mean to you and your comforting me
V=yea guess i am"

James POV

I couldn't believe it she still cared about our friendship. I never wanted to bully her but after violet's mom passed Megan made me be mean and said if i didn't she would kill violet. I couldn't let that happen i loved violet. 

Violet's POV

After i left James i went to my first period. I walked into class and started my work. After hours of classes school was over. Dad picked me,sydney,and lily. We went home and started getting ready. After we got ready and looked amazing we headed back to school for the dance.
~at the dance~
We walked in and it was crowded. Everyone was dancing and having fun. This guy walked up and started to talk to me.
"?=are you Elizabeth"
It was him. It was Edward.
"V=yes its me ed
Ed= finally
V=i know
S=well we will leave you alone 
Ed=would you like to dance
Ed=follow me princess
V=haha ok prince charming"
We danced to every song and then a slow song came on.
"Ed=do you want to stay or no
V=yes i would like to stay
He laid his hand on my side and took my hand and we began to dance slowly. It was so perfect.
"Ed=i have waited to do this forever"
He began to take his mask off. Well it was perfect till i found out Edward was James.

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