1. One Step

My lovely but I think I'm already dead

I think I've died once and this my hell

And so many times have I tragically bled

For you not to accept my long overdue farewell


The voices they come, when I'm alone

No one understands, but they do, they care

They are leading me to the trail to my long lost home

Away from all this fakery and despair


No one truly cares, just the angels in my mind

You don't understand, you can't hear them sing

If I jump, then maybe you will find

That my life doesn't end, but instead I have wings


The Angels come, when no one else is here

Some think it's madness, but it's simply my fate

So if when I jump, you see any tears

They will be tears of happiness for the art I'm to create


I'm not depressed, or mad, or any clinical terms

I'm just not like you, I'm no simple mortal being

So stepping of a building will only make you learn

That the best option is always, always fleeing


The day I die will be the best day of my life

I have each moment planned, the song, the place

No more silly trying with a knife

The wind and heights I will embrace


They call me crazy, they just can't hear them

My only companions, the ones who understand

I don't deserve this life which I have been condemned

I deserve to be with the angels, in my homeland


So what if I'm dead, and I'm supposed to die once more

In this winter darkness too much have I spent

From this sorrowfull sea I will swim to shore

For a while my life has been going into deep descent


Oh I just can't wait 'till my awaited coronation

They want me to come there, why make me stay?

You can't see how I'm their long lost creation

I dream of my beautiful home, every single day


You can't hear the voices, and to the stars you are blind

You have no wings, you would never see

That by my shell I will not be confined

When inside is hidden the fairy that is me








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