Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


8. Chapter 8

Friday night, the night of the date with Alfie.

6:03pm. Fuck. I haven't even chosen a dress.

'Note to self, don't wait till the last minute to get ready for a date.' I said to myself. I went to the back of my closet, and a black lacy dress caught my eye. 'Well I haven't seen you in forever!' I said to the dress, yeah, I'm a creep.

After 20 minutes of make-up and hairstyling, I was finally done. I looked at myself in the full length mirror in the bedroom and took my purse on a coat hanger next to it. Black lace short dress, Christian Louboutin heels, natural makeup, 'Perfect.' I said to myself and with that, I left my suite to go down to the lobby.

When I got down, there were a few workers greeting me with 'hi's and 'hello's which I gladly returned. I looked at the reception counter and saw Victor talk to someone, and that someone looks awfully familiar so I walked closer and I finally got a clue to who it was. 'Alfie!' I yelled and people passing by were looking at me as if I was crazy. And he turned around, 'hey! You- you look beautiful!' He said, and somehow I have a feeling he meant it and I started to blush madly. 'You don't look bad yourself.' I chuckled.

'So this is your date, Becca?' Asked Victor and I nodded shyly. 'Good! I like this man!' He said, I rolled my eyes. 'He is MY date, Victor. Stop getting all over him.' I teased and both of them laughed.

'Shall we get going?' I asked Alfie and he nodded, taking my hand and both of us walked out of the hotel together. His car wasn't extravagant, it was a Porsche Carrera, which is good enough for me.

Driving through the streets of the town, having Damian on my mind. I can't think about him, no. I'm on a date with Alfie, and Damian said so himself that nothing's going to change between he and I, we're just best friends. The drive was silent, uncomfortable really so I decided to break the awkwardness.

'Where are we going?' He smirked. 'Its a secret.' He said, I rolled my eyes. 'I don't like secrets.' I said, 'we're almost there, just wait and see.' He chuckled and I did as he said.


'We're here!' He announced. 'A park?' I asked. 'We're having a late night picnic before the movie!' He said.

‘Maybe it wasn't a good idea to wear heels, at least not my Christian Louboutins.’ I thought.

'Don't worry.' He said. 'You can wear my shoes.' I smiled, 'you don't have to. I can walk in my heels.' I said, I lied, I can't walk in heels on grass!

'You're wearing my shoes. And I can tell you're using a pair of those Christian Louboutins. They cost a crazy amount!' He said, my eyebrow jerked up. 'How'd you know I'm wearing Louboutins?' I asked. 'My sister has a pair.' He said. 'Phew, I was starting to think you had a pair.' I teased and he rolled his eyes as he exited the car to open my door.

He knelt down and untied his Vans, taking them and my Louboutins off, and putting his Vans on my feet. 'Thank you.' I said, and he smiled.

Of course I felt guilty for making him walk barefoot on our 1st date! But come on, who wouldn't be?

He walked to his bonnet and took out a picnic basket, you know, those classic woven picnic baskets. 'This is so cute.' I said happily, 'I know I am.' He teased. 'I meant the basket!' I said, and then we both laughed.

He brought me to a hill top in the park, and you can see the whole park with the city lights from buildings in the background, it was just beautiful.

I was taking a picture of the view, Alfie was at the back, preparing the picnic and I heard the sound of a camera but not mine. I turned around to see him smiling. 'What did you do?' I asked. 'Come here.' He said, still smiling.

And I did, I went there and he showed me his phone where there was a picture of a girl looking into the city, me. It was beautiful, not because I was in the picture itself, but the city lights just, no words can explain how beautiful it looked.

'Alfie, this is beautiful.' I said smiling at him, 'well thank you.' He said. 'Shall we start eating? I already set it up.' I nodded and both of us sat down on the red and white table cloth and there was just a feast in front of us.

'You cooked this?' I asked, flabbergasted. He nodded. 'I can't cook for the life of me.' I said, slightly sad. 'Hey, its okay. I like you still, and I'd still like you even if you were to burn down my kitchen.' He teased. 'Thanks.' I said with sarcasm.

After that, we ate the food that Alfie cooked, and it was really good! A salmon steak with chicken breasts and mashed potatoes on the sides, and the mashed potato's gravy was amazing! And then we had brownies with melted chocolate in the middle and surprisingly it was still hot and he baked them himself!

Then, after the picnic, we went to watch a movie at the town's local cinema and Alfie got his shoes back of course and I wore mine. But the movie was a bore so we took off early.

'What do you want to do now?' I asked, his hands holding mine as our fingers interlock. 'Do you penny board?' He asked and I nodded.

So we both went back to his car and he took out 2 penny boards from his bonnet, a pink one and a green one. 'The pink one's my sister's, I took her penny boarding the other day and she forgot to bring hers home.' He said, handing me the pink penny board. 'That was nice of you.' I said, taking off my heels and putting them in his car. 'Yeah, I like spending time with her.' He smiled, taking off his shoes as well. 'What are you doing? I'm not going to wear your shoes again, Alfie.' I said. 'I know. I just want to be barefoot together.' He said giving me a cheeky smile while he was at it.

We penny boarded around the area, and I kid you not it was a lot of fun! People were troubling to walk because of us, which is kind of bad but fun!

The night ended with him taking me back to the hotel, and he kissed my hand goodnight, saying he'd love to take me out again and with that, he was off.

It was a good night.

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