Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


7. Chapter 7

Three days later, I got a call whilst in Physics class.

'Miss Lockwood, I do not appreciate you using your cell phone in my class.' Mr Henries snapped.

'I'm sorry, sir.' I said. I look down at my phone and saw the caller ID was someone I didn't know, and just as I was about to decline the call, the ringing ended itself. Okay, creepy. I let the thought brush off my shoulders and put my phone away.


'Bex!' I heard someone yell, and I already know who it was, Damian. He called my name again, but this time he was only 2 feet away. 'Hi Dame.' I greeted with a smile. 'Hey, I heard you made a phone call in Mr Henries' class. Are you crazy?' I rolled my eyes and sighed, 'no I didn't call someone, Damian. Someone called me, there is a difference you know.' He looked at me, now confused. 'Who was it?' He asked, 'I don't know. Now can we stop talking about this? I'm tired, and I want to go home.' I said, 'okay okay.' He surrendered.

Both of us went out the school doors and went to the parking lot together, where our cars were parked next to each other. His car's a BMW and mine's a GTR as you already know. And after that, we drove off together. Me to my hotel, and Damian back to his place. But we'll meet up later.


As I parked in Lockwood Hotel's parking lot, I heard my phone buzz, telling me someone's sent me a message. I quickly parked my car and unlocked my phone.

Unknown number: Hi, Rebecca. Its Alfie, the guy from the other night if you don't remember. I tried to call you earlier and realised that it was a school day, stupid of me. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd like to go out on Friday night?

A smile appeared upon my face. 'Hey! I remember you, of course. Its okay, no harm done. And yeah, I'd love to go out with you. What do you have in mind?' I replied.

And not even minutes passed, I already got a reply! 'I was thinking dinner and then a movie? Pick you up at 6 at the Lockwood Hotel. Or is that too cliche?' He asked. I laughed at his enthusiasm, I like this guy. 'Sounds perfect.' I replied. And he sent me back a 'I'll see you then' text.

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket as I exited my car and went into the hotel. Everyone greeted me with friendly faces, I didn't see Morris anywhere, probably because he insulted me the other day, but I got over it. I'm not usually the one to hold a grudge, never.

'Afternoon, Rebecca!' Victor greeted. 'Hi Victor.' I smiled, 'so how was school?' He asked, I shrugged, 'learny?' I chuckled. 'Anyway, Damian's gonna be here later, just let him up.' I said, 'noted.' He smiled and with that, I went up to the Penthouse.


'Hey Bex!' Greeted Damian as he entered the penthouse. He has a spare key to my suite, I trust him. I know he won't bring back girls and snog them on my couch.

'Hey Damie.' I smiled happily. 'Okay, why so smiley?' He asked. 'Someone asked me out.' I said and the happiness in his eyes washed away, and I could see that he was upset. Why? Why was he? 'That's great.' He said, obviously lying. But I tried to believe him. 'With who, exactly?' He asked. 'You remember Alfie?' I asked, 'oh, I see. When's the date?' He asked. 'Friday night.' I said. 'Alright' he said.

'Anyway, wanna watch a movie?' I asked. 'Alright, what do you have in mind?' He asked. 'Mean Girls!' I said, running to my TV and taking put the Mean Girls DVD out. He groaned. 'Again?' He asked. 'Shush it Coltman.' I said, he rolled his eyes and came to where I was at and sat on the couch. 'I really don't know why I love you.' He said.

That afternoon, he and I watched Mean Girls while cuddling on the couch with sheets of blankets covering us as he kissed my forehead or cheek occassionally, a lot constantly than usual though. Usually he'll kiss me skin once or twice, but I don't mind, we've always been this way.

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