Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


6. Chapter 6

'Are you ready yet?' The guys asked as they knocked on my door. 'Give us a couple more minutes, morons.' Said Zoe. And after that, there weren't anymore knocks.

'That dress looks amazing on you, Bex.' Said Mere. 'Yeah, I know right!' Said Kate. 'Thanks guys.' I smiled, 'I'm glad I have you.'

They all stopped in unison, 'awww' each of them said and hugged me. 'Thanks for lending us these dresses by the way, they're pretty!' Said Zoe. 'Its a good thing we're the same sizes. You can keep them.' I chuckled.

'Ready?' I asked. 'Ready.' They said in unison. I opened the door to reveal three guys on the couch holding up their phones. Kate let out an 'ahem' and the three of them stood up.

'Whoa, you guys look amazing!' Said Kyle. 'Thanks Kyles.' Said Mere. Damian looked at me, 'you look beautiful Clover.' He said, 'you don't look bad yourself.' I smiled. 'Well. Thank you very much.' He bowed. 'Lets get going, guys!' Said Wren whilst holding his girlfriend and escorting her out, the last ones out were Damian and I.


You're probably thinking, what are 16-17 year olds out clubbing? The truth is, I don't know. Damian and I were introduced to alcohol during my cousin's wedding when we were 13. And we kinda got used to beer and stuff, not that we're alcoholics or anything. We hardly ever get drunk, well, I at least never get drunk. I know where my limits are.

'You want a drink?' Asked Damian. 'Uh, sure. Whatever you're having.' I smiled. And he mouthed me an 'Ok'. Or at least I think he was mouthing it, the music's pretty loud considering the fact that it's a club.

We're sat at a booth in the corner of the club. 'That guy's so cute!' Said Zoe. I rolled my eyes, Zoe's always had eyes for hotties. Kyle's dancing with some random chick and Mere and Wren are on the dance floor. While Zoe, Kate and I are here, the singles.

Not long after, Damian came back with my drink. 'Here ya go!' He said as he handed it over. 'Thanks.' I smiled. I drank my drink half way through, chatting a guy approached me. 'Would you care to dance?' He asked. 'Uh, sure.' I smiled and took his hand, leaving my friends saying 'ooooh', 'you go girl'

'You don't look over 18, love.' He said. Damn, he's so hot. 'Uh, no.' I smiled shyly. 'My name's Alfie, Alfie Kendrick. You?' Damn, why does he have to be so hot?

'Rebecca.' I said. 'No last name?' He asked. 'Lockwood.' I said. 'Ah, Lockwood Hotel huh?' I nodded. 'I've stayed there before, I really like it.' I gave him a smile, 'thanks.' I laughed.

We danced and then talked at the bar, sharing every little detail of us. I kind of like this guy, Alfie. He's cool.

'It seems I have to go now, but may I have your number?' He asked shyly. I giggled, 'sure. Give me your phone.' I smiled as he handed his phone and I put in my number. 'Thanks' he said and hugged me. 'Call me!' I said before he left. 'Oh I will.' And then he left.

'There you are!' Someone startled me from behind. It was Mere, and behind her was Damian, and behind her were the rest!

'Spill.' Zoe said. 'His name's Alfie Kendrick and he's 20 years old.' I explained. 'Damn, a 20 year old hitting on you, so cool!' Said Kate. 'Come on guys, I'm tired, and I can tell that you all are too.' I said. They all nodded and we all went back to the penthouse.

Surprisingly they're all sober, well except for Kyle. Then, we all went upstairs and snuggled together in front of the tv. Kyle next to Wren, Wren next to Mere, Mere next to Zoe, Zoe next to Kate, and then it was me and Damian at the end.

(Suckish chapter, I'm sorry!)

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