Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


4. Chapter 4

6:30pm, everyone's showered and in their PJs. 'What are we going to do now?' Asked Wren. 'Lets eat, I'm starved!' I said. 'Lets go down!' Said Mere. 'In our PJ's?' Asked Kate in shocked. 'Come on! It'll be fun. No one really comes here for dinner anyway.' I explained. 'Fine, lets go.' Said Kate. The guys just agreed to everything, poor them, they're going to be beautified later.


'Table for 7 please!' I said to the waitress lady, Lia, in the dining room. 'Alright Rebecca, you can choose any table you'd like. No one's made any reservations tonight.' She smiled, all of us thanked her and we chose the round table in the corner. Me next do Damian, of course. Its a tradition.

'What are you guys going to order?' I asked. 'I'm going for the lasagna.' Said Damian. 'Hey, I wanted to order that! Well never mind then, I'll just order a smoked Salmon and take some of your food later.' I explained. 'Of course you are.' He said, I rolled my eyes. 'You two are adorable, I can't believe you've been friends since toddlers.' Said Zoe. 'Forever, right Clove?' He asked, 'Forever Dames.'

Each of us ordered a different thing and when it was time to eat, we'll all eat each other's food. We're such pigs.

After dinner, we went back up to the penthouse.

'Guys, remember that thing we agreed on?' I smirked. 'What thing?' Asked Kyle. Oh I totally forgot! He wasn't there during the ‘discussion’. I giggled, and so did the other girls. All of us when to our bags and took out a smaller bag. 'Wait, what thing?' Kyle asked again. 'Sorry we didn't tell you sooner, bro.' Said Wren. 'Its a makeover isn't it?' We nodded. 'Alright, lets get this over with.' Said Damian.

I took care of Damian's face, Mere took care of Wren's while Zoe and Kate took care of Kyles. Oh this is going to be fun!


'And wah-lah!' I said, turning the chair around so Damian can see his face. The other girls are still putting make-up on the guys' faces.

'Oh my god.' He said. 'I look like Lady Gaga!' I laughed. 'Overboard on the smokey eye?' I asked, still laughing. 'A little bit yeah.' I laughed, so hard that it caught the others' attention. The girls laughed, saying how beautiful he is and how feminine he looks. 'Hey I wanna look!' Said Kyle. 'Nu-uh. We're not done with you yet.' Said Zoe as she applied some blush on his face.

'I can look right, baby?' Wren asked Mere. She bent down and gave him a kiss, 'No.' She smiled and continued to put make-up on him.

'Time for a selfie, Dames!' I said. 'Is it going on Instagram?' He asked. 'Maybe.' I said, 'now come on!' We both posed for the picture, and he actually looks like a girl in it, I mean if you throw a wig on him you wouldn't be able to recognise him!

'Now... We Squeaready it...' He widened his eyes, 'don't you dare!' He threatened. 'Watchu gonna do about it?' I sang, whilst jumping up and down like a hooligan. He stood up, and started to chase me. I laughed like its going to be the last time I'd be laughing. And everyone else were like, 'aw', 'look at them', 'they're so cute'

Then, he finally caught me from behind and lifted me up a bit. But it was too late, I've already posted the picture. 'Too late, Coltman.' I smirked. 'No! You have like over 2,000 followers!' He yelled. 'They're going to love you Dames.' I said and kisses his cheek. 'Whatever Clover.' He said.

'And done!' Said Mere, 'Us too!' Kate said. 'What in the name of holy hotdogs!' Yelled Kyle. 'I look- I look' he was cut off by Zoe saying 'beautiful!' I laughed at them, my best friends, my monkeys. 'Babe, what did you do to my face?' Asked Wren, touching his face. 'Its so, soft!' He exclaimed. 'Its the powder products, honey.' Said Mere. See! They're like an old married couple!

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