Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


3. Chapter 3

'What took you so long?' Asked Damian. 'Sorry, I had to pee. Now lets go! Its 15 minute drive and we have 15 minutes!' I said, opening the car door and he did the same.

Lockwood Hotel's one of the most prestigious hotels in town, or city whatever you wanna call it. Sweater Weather was playing on the radio, my current favourite song and Damian turned it up and started to sing along. 'All I am, is a man, I want the world-' He sang, but I cut him off. 'Shut up, Dame, you're ruining the song!' I said, and he faked being offended, 'Oh I hate you, Rebecca.' He said, pretending to be serious using my full first name. 'You love me, Coltman.' I said, 'I hate you.' He continued. 'You're a bad liar, Coltman, you love me.' At last, he said 'Okay fine I love you and I'll forever will. Why?' He asked. 'Tell me.' I spoke.

'Cause you're my best friend, ever. My first best friend. The person who I use to bathe with. The person who I played hide and go seek with. The person whose house I can enter whenever I want to get food from the fridge at night. You're my best friend, Bex. Nothing's going to change that.'

Well, there goes my life.

'Bex?' He called. 'Yeah?' I asked. 'Nothing's going to change, okay? I'll always love you.' He said. 'Yeah.' I whispered, but loud enough for him to hear.


'Bex!' The rest of the gang called. 'Hey!' I greeted them with a friendly bear hug. 'So I heard my dad hired a new guy here and I'm going to do what I do best.' I said, sounding rather evil. 'Go for it!' Said Zoe.

I entered the hotel, along with my friends. I spotted the new guy at the reception and walked over. 'Hi, how may I help you?' He asked. 'I need my room.' I said. 'Name?' He asked, I faked being offended. 'How can you not know me? Ugh. Its Rebecca.' I said. 'I'm sorry, Ma'am, but there's no Rebecca here.' He spat.

I heard Mere said, 'oh no he didn't' from the background.

I sound like a spoiled, evil, rich kid but really I'm not. I just like pranking people I guess.

'I want to talk to the manager, this instant!' I demanded. 'I'm sorry Ma'am, but he's out right now. Please leave my hotel along with your little friends before I call security.' He said, all my friends fake gasped.

Oh this is going to be a good one, I thought. 'Try me.' I threatened. 'Gladly.' He said, grabbing his ‘walkie-talkie’ to his mouth, and said 'Code red in the lobby, I repeat, code red in the lobby.' I turned round to my friends, they were all giving my a thumbs up, whilst other guests were giving me weird looks.

Then, a group of security guards came and I noticed Pete, the head security guard. He's always been afraid of me, for reasons I don't know. I've always been nice to him, well besides the one time I did exactly what I'm currently doing right now, but to Pete.

Pete spotted me, and his eyes widened. 'Morris, where's the intruder you said?' He asked the new guy who I presumed was Morris. 'This filthy little scrap of mud right in front of me here.'

Oh no he did not just say that. I was literally boiling. None of the other workers here dared to call me or other hotel guests that!

'Don't you dare call her that!' Yelled Damian, by now everyone was looking at us!

'Wh-what se-eems to be the p-p-p-prob-l-l-em Miss Lo-Lo-Lock-wo-od.' Pete asked, poor guy. By then, the manager, Victor came in from the main entrance. 'Miss Lockwood, what are you doing here?' He asked.

'M-m-m-miss L-l-lockwood?' Morris asked. 'Victor, tell me, why on earth, did this fellow right here,' Pointing to Morris, 'call me a filthy little scrap of mud?' I asked Victor, 'who exactly taught him to talk to guests like that?' I asked.

Hey, if I'm the future owner of this thing, I should act like the owner.

'My apologies, Miss Lockwood. Morris, give me the keys to Penthouse number 1, thank you very much.' Said Victor. He never really calls me Miss Lockwood, he usually calls me Rebecca, he's doing it to scare the guy.

Ok so far, I sound like a bossy rich bitch, but I'm doing it for the fun. Scaring people's fun.

'H-h-here.' Morris said, handing the keys to Victor and then Victor passed it onto me. 'Thank you Victor.' I said.

'Come on, guys. Lets go.' I said, shooting draggers at Morris who seems petrified, me likey.

'Oh and Miss Lockwood.' Called Victor. 'Mhm?' I turned round to face him, 'try not to get in trouble this time.' He said. 'Oui oui, Victor. Oui oui.' I said in a French accent.

All of us laughed as we entered the elevator, 'Oh he's going to be afraid of you Bex.' Said Kyle. 'Indeed he will.' I smirked as I looked over to Damian, who was already looking at me, but he looked away as soon as I noticed.

What's up with him?

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