Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


22. Chapter 21

“Can't a guy dance with the most beautiful girl here?” He asked and his brow jerked up. I couldn't help but blush, even though its one of the Cooper Twins, I just can't help it.

“Blushing, I see?” He smirked. “Shut up, Dylan.” I smacked his chest and he laughed. “What do you want, Dylan?” I asked with a straight face.

“Look, I like you Bex.” I laughed, so hard that people started staring, even Damian gave me a weird look. “I'm serious.” He said and he had a look on his face, a look that someone has when they're telling the truth.

“No. You're lying.” I said. “No, Rebecca. I like you.” He said. “I got to go.” I said and pulled away from him but he caught my hand. “Rebecca please.” He said, but I pulled my hand from him and rushed to the bathroom.

How could he like me? How could Dylan Cooper like me?

I heard someone come and and to my surprise it's Zoe. “What the hell Bex? Damian was worried as hell and I think he's going to strangle Dylan!” She yelled.

“I'm sorry. Its just, Dylan told me that he liked me.” Her eyes instantly widened. “What?! Dylan Cooper, you're not wrong right?” I shook my head. “Do you like him?” Is she crazy?

“Of course not! I love Damian and thats final.” A smile appeared on her face. “I love how in love you are with him. I'm glad you're happy.” I smiled, “Thanks Zoe. I'm glad you're in my life.”

And then we hugged like the best friends we are. And then Mere and Kate came in and we had a full on group hug.


When I got out, Dylan and Damian were nowhere to be found so I got out of the hall, mainly to find Damian of course.

I found him talking to Dylan in the corner of the hallway, but I didn't go after them. I kinda just eavesdropped on their conversation. Oppsies?

Damian's Point of View:

“What the hell did you do to Rebecca?” I asked Dylan. “I didn't do anything.” He said oh so causally. “Then why the hell did my girlfriend run off into the bathroom with one of her sad expressions?” I yelled, grabbing his tie. “I- I- I told her I like her. I'm-”

“You what?!” He looked at me but not in the eye. “I'm sorry.” He said a little louder. “I'm sorry I have a crush on your girlfriend. I'm sorry that it just has to be her.” He said. “Since when?” I asked. “A few weeks ago. When I saw her going pass Tyler and I, but then I saw you. I saw that you and her's still going strong. I tried to push away the feelings but I just couldn't. I'll keep my distance, Dame. But I can't promise that my feelings for her will fade.” He said and just as he was about to walk away, “Wait.” He stopped and gave me a confused look.

“I appreciate that. But don't stay away from her just because you like her. You and I are friends, and she's my girlfriend. I want you guys to be cool. Even though you cut her hair once-”

“I get the point.” He laughed. “I'm going back to my date.” Said Dylan. “See you later.” He winked.


Rebecca's Point Of View:

“Damian.” I said softly after Dylan left. I could tell that he was surprised a little since he jumped. “That was nice of you.” I smiled. “Thank you.” I continued, and he nodded.

I walked towards him and he did the same and our hands met and even by his touch, I felt sparks.

“I love you so much.” I murmured. “But I love you most.” He smiled, my forehead met with his, and then he kissed my lips. It felt like our first kiss together, it felt like fireworks all over again.

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