Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


21. Chapter 20

'Bex you look amazing!' Said Kate, I blushed. 'I never knew someone could blush that hard.' Said Zoe as a matter of factly. 'Whatever.' I rolled my eyes.

I looked at the girls and a smile made its way onto my face 'You guys look amazing.' I said and they all looked at me. 'Okay, group hug!' Mere yelled and we all gathered together.


Everyone's dates already came to pick up the girls, but there's just one person missing; Damian. Heck he lives right next door, what's taking him so long!

Oh and Kate's bringing Adam along, Adam's a year younger than us and she has a massive crush on him every since she laid eyes on him 3 years ago. And Zoe went with Kyle, since they were both lazy to get a date. And Meredith obviously went with Wren.

I heard a knock on the door and my body literally filled up with excitement. This was our first dance as a couple, and I'm excited as fuck.

Henry opened the door and said, 'Its for you, Miss Lockwood.' He smiled, letting Damian in. Right when his gaze caught my eye, he stared at me with his mouth opened, waiting for flies to enter as I chuckled on the way downstairs.

'You look- you look beautiful, Rebecca.' He said softly, taking my hand and kissed it. 'Thank you.' I blushed. 'You look dashing yourself.' He smirked, 'Thank you.'

'Shall we?' He asked, offering his hand. 'We shall.' I smiled as I took it and both of us went out and I saw a limo outside. 'Damian you didn't have to, we could've walked and I'd still be fine with it.' He shook his head, 'I want it to be perfect for my girl.'

My girl.

I'm his girl.


'You finally made it, man!' Said Wren to Damian, 'Yeah, I kind had a trouble putting on the tie.' He said, running his fingers in his hair.

That night, Damian and I shared a dance and everyone complimented on the decorations we've put up in the hall.

'Alright people.' Said Amanda, one of Primrose Academy's prefects. 'I want you all to switch partners, nothing serious. We just want you all to experience what its like to dance with others.' She smiled.

'I didn't agree to this.' I murmured. 'Neither did I.' Said Damian.

I felt someone touch me and to my surprise, its him. 'May I have this dance?' He asked. I looked over at Damian, he looked pretty furious but I held his hand, signalling that its going to be okay. He nodded and went to Zoe, probably asking her to dance which she accepted.

I watched as they began dancing, they looked pretty uncomfortable; its hilarious.

'Ahem.' I turned my head back to the guy in front of me and he offered me a hand, and I accepted hesitantly.

'What do you actually want, Cooper?'


Which Cooper twin do you think it is? Pls comment who you think and would like it to be and give a reason, its much appreciated. :)

Oh and I decided that I don't want the main characters to be Jack or Finn, well I do. But I'd like you to use your imagination!

At first I made Jack/Finn as the lead, but then I put a set of twins in the series so I began to think of them when I mention The Cooper Twins, and now I imagine Damian as one of the 5SOS guys. Hahah, but really you'd better off use your imagination instead!


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