Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


20. Chapter 19

Damian and I spent all day in London. We went to the London Eye, cruised around London on one of those tourist boats, took pictures with celebrity wax figurines and took pictures with braless people on those paintings in The National Gallery. We were basically tourists for the day.

We arrived home at around 10pm, then we took showers and slept together peacefully in my bed.


Two weeks have passed, my parents are home and the dance was just 2 days ahead. Damian asked me to prom in the sweetest and cheesiest way possible. You know those romantic scenes where the guy asks the girl to marry him or something along those lines by writing the sentence in the sky using a plane? Well he did that.

Damian James Coltman did that.

And that's why I love him.

The preparations we've made looked amazing and festive. All the other students haven't seen the hall, just the teachers and prefects.

Zoe, Kate, Mere, Wren and Kyle were asking- no, begging for us to give them a quick look but both Damian and I refused. It was a surprise!

Now it's Friday evening. I haven't gotten a dress, as I've already mentioned earlier. The girls were sleeping at my house like old times until the dance.

'Come on, Bex! We want to see your dress!' Said Meredith for the 50th time since she arrived at my house, but I kept telling her no. 'About that...' I said. 'DON'T TELL ME YOU HAVEN'T BOUGHT A DRESS.' Said Kate, and you could surely tell that she's pissed. 'Sorry?' I said awkwardly.

'We're going dress shopping, now.' She said grabbing her purse that was hanging on my coat rack. 'Now? In our PJs?' Asked Zoe. 'We've done it once, we'll do it again. Plus, people are deadly afraid of gossiping about us.' Said Kate with a smirk. Everyone else agreed, and now it's just me.

'Alright.' I finally spoke and grabbed my purse.

I was wearing a huge Primrose Academy hoodie with a a pair of black leggings and some Vans. It didn't look much of a pyjama outfit.

The girls on the other hand.. Kate and Meredith were wearing sweaters with cartoon animals on the front with matching pants and Zoe was wearing a causal sweater with blue cotton pants with polkadots on them.

All of us crammed into my parents' Volvo, headed to the Mall. And when we arrived, we sure made everyone look at us but we gave them our death glares to make them stop looking.


We entered almost EVERY shop there is in the mall, and it was almost 10 o'clock, closing time. 'Why don't we just find it tomorrow?' I asked. 'No way girl, thats when the people who got dates the last minute get dresses. You know how Primrose Academy girls are. You are almost last minute, so yeah.' Kate said.

'Why don't we try that shop?' Asked Zoe pointing to a cute little shop that was in the corner. 'Lets give it a try.' I said smiling, boosting up the mood of the girls as I've been negative all night.

When we entered, the shop was filled with beautiful gowns and dressed; they were all colour categorised. I went to the royal blue section, royal blue, well any type of blue's my favourite colour; simple yet elegant.

A certain dress seriously made me smile. It was beautiful. Long, with a few lace and sequinned details. 'This is so pretty!' I said causing my friends to gather around me. 'Thats beautiful.' Said Kate and the others agreed.

'May I help you?' Asked the girl who worked there. 'Yes, I'd like to try this.' I smiled. She nodded, showing me the way to the dressing rooms. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly as if it were meant to be mine. I walked out the dressing room with the dress on, causing the girls to smile. 'You look amazing!' Said Zoe. 'Thank you.' I smiled and walked back in.

After that, I took the dress and gave it to the girl, the girl who worked there. Turns out her name is Naomi and she's a Filipino. 'You're lucky. This is the only size for the dress; its one of a kind.' She said smiling as she tapped on the buttons of the register. 'Thanks.' I said.

The cost of the dress was pricey, but it sure was worth it. 'Thank you, Miss Lockwood. Please come again.' The Naomi said as the girls and I walked out of the shop.

Even SHE knows me. Its quite annoying sometimes.

'Mission accomplished.' Said Meredith and all us nodded. Then, we all went back home.

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