Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


16. Chapter 15


I can't believe the weekend flew by so quickly. On Saturday, I hung out with the girls, they asked me a BUNCH of questions about the date, and I didn't have the heart to not answer them. And on Sunday, I spent some quality time with my parents.

Now I'm with Damian, my boyfriend (yes, he asked me to his his girlfriend the other night) on our way to school in his parents' Volvo, his car broke down a few times over the weekend and he wouldn't risk bringing it to school.

'Do people know about us?' He shrugged. 'I don't know, babe. Maybe.' He said as he drove through the streets. One particular house caught my eye. 'Shit.' I mumbled under my breath. 'What's wrong?' He asked. 'The- the twins. Th-they're back.' I stuttered. Ah yes, the Cooper twins, Dylan and Tyler Cooper. The most annoying pricks known to life. They bullied me all throughout primary school up until year 9 when they moved to Leeds.

'Dylan and Tyler?' He asked, 'As in Cooper?' I nodded.

Dylan used to be a friend of Damian's since they both play football, whereas Tyler's the bad ass hunk who every girl in school would drool over. But I'm not denying they're hot, I mean, they are; extremely. Well, not enough to top off Damian of course.

'We're here.' He announced and both of us got out of the car and held hands. 'Wait.' He said and stopped as I gave him a confused look.

Then he kissed me, and I blushed heavily and we continued to walk. I guess one of Damian's fangirls saw it and told everyone. Yeah, Damian has fangirls. Its true though, he has girls lining up for him but he chose me. Which makes me feel so special.

Damian and I's lockers are 3 floors apart, mine's on the ground floor and his is on the 3rd so we don't really see each other much in between classes.

Then the whole gang came up, one by one, except for Mere and Wren, they come together and we all talked a little, everyone noticed the Cooper twins are back and they're pretty scared for me.

The bell rang, signalling that its 8am, time for lessons. Sweet, I have maths first period with Miss Briggs, yeap. Same Miss Briggs that gave Kyle detention. Just as all of us were going to separate to go to our classes, an announcement blasted through the intercom.

'Attention students, please report to the multi-purpose hall now. Thank you.'

So we did and we got our seats at the very back of the hall, lets just say people who sit here are privileged.

'Good morning, students. I know you're wondering why I called you here. And that's because there are 3 new students joining our Primrose Academy family.' Headmistress Shay chirped happily.

Then, 3 students went up the stage. A really pretty girl and no. No. No.


The Cooper twins.

'This is Caroline Waters.' Miss Shay introduced the girl, and 'Dylan and Tyler Cooper who attended Primrose years ago but moved, but they're back!' She said, and everyone cheered happily.

Why? Because there's a new hot chick that the guys can drool over. And the Cooper twins are back, so girls can drool over them.

Headmistress Shay said more things that we as students didn't really care about, but after all the chit chat, she said. 'Thank you students, you may now go. As for Prefects, please see me after school. Thank you.'

We nodded, Damian and I were one of the prefects. Well, I'm the head prefect so a lot of people are scared at me if I were to be honest.

But why does Headmistress Shay want to see us?

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