Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


15. Chapter 14

'You look beautiful.' I smiled, taking off the blindfold to see Damian standing inches away from me. He's wearing a blue button up shirt with black jeans along with his Tissot watch and a beaded bracelet that I gave him a few months back.

'You don't look bad yourself.' I smiled as he leaned in closer and kissed my temple. 'So, did you get the clues?' He asked, and a smirk appeared on his face. 'A photo of William Shakespeare, a music note and a picture of an ice cube. Oh, and I figured the Food part. But whats with the rest?' I asked and he chuckled. 'You'll find out later.' He smiled, 'Oh, and thanks for the letter. And the daisies, it's sweet of you.' I gave him a soft smile and his cheeks turn red and I laughed. 'Come on, lets get going. Put the blindfold back on.' He said and I declined.

'No way in hell.' I said, and he gave me the eyes. THE EYES. No ones eyes affects me like Damian's. Must resist. Cannot give in.

'Ugh, fine!' I said, putting the blindfold back on as he chuckled. After that, he took my hand and led me into a store, most probably a restaurant cause I heard the noise of cutlery banging on glass plates.

He told me to sit and took the blindfold off of my head. I looked around, no way. 'How?' I asked. 'I have my ways.' He winked and I rolled my eyes. We're in Le Taj Restaurant, one of the most fanciest restaurants around! The reservations have to be made weeks before.

'What do you want to order?' He asked. 'I, I don't know.' I said, still flabbergasted. 'Thats okay, I already ordered!' He smiled cheekily, taking the menu that was once in front of me now being given to the waiter. 'I'll bring your food over in a moment.' He smiled. 'Damian, this is amazing. Thank you.' I smiled, 'Don't thank me yet. There's still loads to do. Oh and we have to leave at 7, sharp!' He said. 'Why?' And he smirked, zipping his lips and I rolled my eyes.

'Here you are, sir, madam.' The waiter said, placing our meals in front of us; a nice thing of lasagna, some chicken and a potato salad on the side along with a glass of wine. My favourites.

'Damian, this is amazing.' I smiled. 'I know I am.' He smiled, and again, I roll my eyes. I can't help it, its a force of habit.

And after the meal, we had chocolate lava cake for dessert. Again, my favourite. Damian knows everything about me.


After dinner, Damian blindfolded me again and took me inside somewhere I'm not sure of, yet. It was warm so I took of my cardigan. When we were seated, he took the blindfold off to reveal the view of a theatre. The town's local theatre to be exact. My eyes widened, no. He couldn't have.

'Damian, you've spoilt me rotten already!' I said, smacking his chest. 'You don't like it?' He asked with disappointment. 'No, no. I like it. Hell, I love it. The Romeo and Juliet play, Damian, it cost £100 per ticket!' I took a look around me. We're in the VIP area. 'Damian!' I smacked his chest. 'You shouldn't have.' I said. 'Its okay, I wanted our first date to be special.' He smiled and placed a soft kiss on my lips. 'Okay.' I smiled at him.


The play was amazing! I fought the urge to cry, it'll ruin my makeup. Damian and I kind of had a make out sesh, but hey, we were alone. But still though, the play was amazing!

'What about the music note and ice cube?' I asked as he blindfolded me. 'Thats coming up next.' He said and took me to the next venue.


I was seated down, and my shoe was replaced with another, a slightly heavier one. Damian told me to wait and sat there with blindfolds on, and I did so.

Suddenly the sound of a guitar caught my attention.

What would I do without your smart mouth?

Drawing me in and you kicking me out.

Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down.

What's going on in that beautiful mind?

I'm on your magical mystery ride.

And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright.

In the midst of the singing, I took my blindfolds off and started to smile like an idiot. We were at an ice-skating hall.

He looked at me and gave me a signal to sing so I did, it's only the two of us. Why not?

My head's underwater, but I'm breathing fine.

You're crazy and I'm out of my mind.

And then we sang together.

Cause All of me, loves all of you.

Love your curves and all your edges,

All your perfect imperfections.

Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you.

You're my end and my beginning,

Even when I lose I'm winning.

We sang All of Me till the end, and kissed. 'I love you, and I'm giving you all of me.' He smiled. 'You're my end and my beginning. I love you.' I said back, and we kissed again. A warm, soft, kiss. And it felt perfect.

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