Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


12. Chapter 11

'No. You- you can't say that.' I said. 'You knew all along, and you didn't do anything?' I looked at him straight in the eye. 'I was afraid, Rebecca. I was afraid.' He said. 'Afraid? Afraid of what? I've been in love with you for so long, Damian. And it hurts. Having to hang out with the one you love everyday, acting as if I'm not in love with you. It hurts, Damian. It fucking hurts.' I said, no respond.

'You know what? I'm done. You can have your stupid hoodie back.' I said, throwing the hoodie on the floor and leaving his room through the door.

On the way down, I ran into his mum, Elizabeth, or Liz. 'Rebecca? I didn't know you were here.' She said, 'I came in through his window.' I smiled. 'Ah, I see. You're leaving now?' She asked and I nodded and gave her an Mhm. 'Well, say hi to your mother for me.' I smiled, giving her a nod and went outside and to my house.

I told the gate guard guy, Peter to open the gates and he did so. I walked to the front door and opened the doubled doors that lead to the main area of the house. I heard my dad sneeze in the kitchen so I went there, but mum wasn't there. 'Hi dad, where's mum?' I asked. 'She's in the study I think. Honey are you alright? You look rather pale.' He said, I shook my head 'I'm alright, dad. Don't worry.' I smiled and left the kitchen and went to the study that was on the 3rd floor. Yeah, we kind of have a big house.

And there she was, reading her Stephen King novel with a cup of steaming hot tea on the coffee table in front of her. 'Hi mum.' I said, breaking the silence. 'Just got back, I see?' She smirked, 'Y-yeah.' I answered awkwardly. How does she even know that?

'I checked your room earlier and you weren't in it, and I saw your window was opened so I presume you've gone over to the Coltman's.' She said calmly. 'Liz said hi.' I spoke, 'Of course she did. I miss her, we need to catch up some more.' She said and looked at me. 'Rebecca darling, are you alright?' She asked. 'I'm fine, mum. I'll be in my room if you need me.' I smiled and she nodded. With that, I left for my room.

Once I got in, I just collapsed on my bed and cried, I didn't even care if the wind coming from the window's freezing me to death as I'm only wearing a tank top and a pair of leggings. I just cried.

••Damian's POV••

‘I'm such a fucker.’ - I thought. ‘I fucked things up, like I always do.’ I punched the wall out of frustration, and hell did I regret it, it hurt like fuck.

My mum came into my room worried. 'What happened?' She asked. 'And why did you let Rebecca go down by herself?' I sighed. 'I'm a mess mum. That's why.' She shook her head and sat down next to me on my bed. 'Whats wrong, Damian? You can always tell me.' She said and I nodded. 'Where do I begin?' I laughed. 'From the beginning, of course.'

I took a deep breath, 'Alright. You know that Rebecca and I've been friends forever right?' She nodded. 'Somewhere along the way in the midst of our friendship, I fell in love with her mum. I know it sounds silly, saying that I fell in love when I was still a child. But I fell for her, I fell for her hard. And I knew she felt the same and I didn't do anything about it. She said I hurt her, she said all these years I hurt her. She said every time she's with me, she has the feeling of me not loving her the way she does back. Mum, I don't want to lose her. I don't. And now she's with another guy, she !lost hope of being with me and she gave up.' I said, and I swear I was tearing up because of some girl. No, she's not just some girl. She's Rebecca, Rebecca Lockwood, Rebecca Anastasia Lockwood. My four leafed clover.

'Honey. If you don't want to lose her, stop messing around and go get the girl.' She said with a smile and kissed my forehead. 'Goodnight honey.'

I looked over to the window and saw Rebecca coming into her room and she started crying.

What have I done?

Stop messing around and go get the girl.

I will.

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