Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


1. Chapter 1

'Guess who!' Someone said as their hands cover my eyes. I already knew who he was, 'Damian.' I said grinning. I know his voice, I've known his voice ever since we were in diapers! 'Damn it, how'd you know?' He asked. 'Well, one, you're my best friend since I was 1. Two, you're the only one who'd do that to me.' I said.

'Alright, alright. So lunch, what do you want to get? Chinese, sushi? Or cafeteria?' I rolled my eyes, 'Is food all you think about?' I asked, 'Hey, I know you're hungry too. I heard your stomach growl in history.' He said laughing. 'Fuck off, it wasn't that loud.' I snapped. 'The entire class heard it, Bex. Its a good thing I'm the only one who knows you well in history.' I rolled my eyes again, ah, eye-rolling, a force of habbit. 'How about we get pizza?' I asked. 'Agreed! Go text the guys, I'll meet you at your car in 5.' He said. 'Wait, why do we have to use my car?' I asked, but he didn't respond. He probably didn't hear me cause he ran up the stairs.

I took out my phone from my bag, and texted 'Up for pizza? Dame's treating, meet you at Al's Pizzas in a few!' To the group chat, the people that Damian and I hang out with a lot. There's Meredith, Kate, Zoe, Wren and Kyle, and of course Damian and I. My name's Rebecca by the way, Rebecca Anastasia Lockwood. Or Bex for short. Damian's nickname's Dames or Damie. We only use our actual first names during serious occasions.

I took out my wristlet, also known as my wallet out and put my backpack in my locker and closed it shut. My phone buzzed, telling me someone's replied my message.

Zoe: Dame's treating, oh I'm so in! I'll meet yguys there!

Wren: Woah, Dame's actually spending his money! Count me in!

Kyle: Nawh, I have detention with Miss Briggs up until free period. Maybe next time :(

Kate: I'll be there! Mere said she's coming too.

Damian: Wait, I didn't agree to any of this!!

Wren: Too late bro, too late.

I chuckled, walking down the hall and exiting the school's main building to go to my car. I saw Damian leaning against it, and I clicked the unlock button on my keys. That surely startled him, he literally jumped. I laughed so hard, almost falling onto the ground even.

'You should've', 'seen your face!' I said in between laughters. 'Ha ha, very funny Rebecca.' He said sarcastically. 'Now tell me again, why we're taking my car?' I asked. 'Hello! Its a fucking GTR!' Said Damian.

Okay, so my parents went a little overboard on my 16th birthday present. I didn't ask for it, nor did I need it, I got used to walking to and from school anyway, sometimes carpooling with Damian even. Let's just say, we're not the most un wealthy family ever.

'You're driving.' I demanded, as I threw the keys to him. 'Gladly.' He smirked. Damn, guys with their smirks. 'Just remember if there is a single scratch, you're going to get it, Damian Coltman.' I threatened. 'Geez, woman. I haven't even started the engine yet.' I rolled my eyes.


When we arrived at Al's Pizza, we noticed everyone else in our group was there, well except for Kyle. The first person I noticed was Kate, hair with pink tips, who couldn't notice that! Then sat beside her was Wren, her boyfriend, they've been together since freshmen year and act as if they're an old married couple. To Kate's left was Meredith and in front of Mere is Zoe.

'Hi guys!' I greeted. 'Bex! We haven't seen you all day!' Said Kate, 'I know, we don't have classes together today apart from Dame and I.' I explained. 'Speaking of classes, during history class, Bex's stomach growled as if it was gonna explode like a volcanic eruption or something!' Said Damian with bits of laughter in between each word. 'Expected from you, Bex. You should really eat breakfast.' Said Meredith while Wren, Kate and Zoe are laughing hysterically.

'Can we order now?' I asked, or more like begged. 'Yeah, sure.' Said Wren, he was still laughing from that ‘stomach growling story’, they all were!

'I want the hawaiian supreme, I'm going to go to the toilet.' I said as I got up, 'I'll come with.' Said Mere. 'Okay, what's up with girls and toilets?' Asked Damian. 'Its called the buddy system, fucker.' Teased Kate while Mere and I walked off.

*In the toilet*

'So?' She asked. 'What?' I asked back. 'Damian! You've loved him forever! How's the process going?' I rolled my eyes. 'There's no process, he's my best friend, Mere. It'll ruin everything.' She sighed. 'Alright.' She said. And then she washed her hands while I fix my makeup. 'You have a concealer? My panda eyes are crazy.' She stated. 'Here.' I giggled, handing her my Mac concealer. And after that, we walked out and back to the table.

I sat down in between Zoe and Damian, its always been that way, I'm always in the middle. 'So, you're parents going on business again, huh?' Asked Wren. 'Uh-huh.' I said. 'So, you'll be staying at the hotel?' Asked Kate. 'Okay, where's all of this going?' My parents own The Lockwood Hotel, they have it here in town and all other places around the world, therefore they always travel.

'Why don't we sleep over there! All of us, in your penthouse! We can order room service, play on your Play Station and stuff' Mere squealed. 'Yeah! Come on, Bex! Its the weekend!' Said Wren. I sighed, 'fine.'

Then all of them said, 'yes', 'oh right', 'you're the best Bex'.

A devilish smile appeared on my face, 'On one condition.' I said. Everyone exchanged weird looks, 'what?' Damian asked. 'We give the boys a makeover!' All the girls agreed whilst the boys groaned and 'ugh'ed.

'My penthouse, my rules.' I explained. 'Fine, fine.' Said Wren.

Not long after, our food arrived; a classic pepperoni and cheese, the Hawaiian Supreme which is my favourite and chicken surprise!each of them were a size large, and they were, well large. They were as big as Wren's head, and his head's already big!

We all dug into the pizza and after that, we went back to school. We stayed at Al's Pizza for 40 more minutes after lunch ended cause each of us have private study, but poor Kyle having detention with Miss Briggs, I wonder what he did this time?

After private study, it was English and after that it's time to go home! Usually, I'd go home with Damian because we live next door to each other. But now since I have a car, which I have had for a month now, I can drive alone.


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