Why Me?!

a girl that just wants to find out if her crush likes her back. when she do, she wants to win him over once and for all.


1. So Now I Know

DesTiny P.O.V.

        Okay get this: I like this boy in my class but I don’t know if he likes me back. My friends, who are Ashley, Berto, and Alessia, are all trying to help me win him over. Now you might be wondering what the main problem is: How do I win him over! This is so crazy that I am clueless and I am supposed to be a GIRL! Girls are supposed to think 7 times smarter than boys! 7! Right now I am definitely not even close!
     I wonder what life would be like if me and him gotten together. (Me daydreaming) It would be so dreamy! I just need my friends help and they better help me out! Oh! By the way! Did I tell you guys what his name is? His name is: JAYDEN MITCHELL!

    God! Why does he have to smell so good! Everytime he walks by me, I feel like I am going to melt away in his scent! But people better back off him or naww! Luckily I heard he had a little crush on me. Shouldn't be that hard to win him over. Should it?

   Well I feel so mad because we are about to graduate, and I am now just finding this out! But guess what, our school just had a fire drill not too long ago, and he purposely stand in front of me! If that is not called flirting, than I don't kow what is it then!

   I really (I know I sound desperate) want this boy to like me! I kind of heard that he was soft but to me he asks so tough! I couldn't believe my ears when Ashley told me this! So my cousin, a.k.a, Andre decided to ask him why he don't like me. Ashley was sitting next to them during math so she told me everything outside.

   Reasons why Jayden does not like me:

       1) take things too seriously-shouldn't be hard to fix with Ashley on my side 24/7.

       2) don't let him run over me- I know this one sounds stupid, but whenever he calls me names, I don't say anything back. Before you yell at me, I thought there was a reason! He's a guy and I am a girl! So now I stand up for myself. Believe it or not he likes it!

        I just hope one day he asks me to be his girlfriend!    (Flirty face on!)

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