Adventures of Olive & Jess

Olive & Jess, inseperable for life. Attached at the hip (metaphorically of course). Fangirls who thought they meant nothing to the rest of the world, even to the Universe, but when they are clever enough to notice what no one else does, for once they discover that they are better than who they limit themselves to be. Follow Olive and Jess on an epic adventure and mystery across dimensions to discover what saves them from the dull world they're from. Oh, and finding hot boys along the way.


1. Forgotten dreams


     "I don't understand though! Everybody always just forgets about them, like its not a big deal. Like its not something in our minds that could have some form of significance to our lives." I try to explain to Jess.

     I'm always having these dreams. They are so vivid and realistic sometimes I when I wake up I don't know who, what, or where I am. But the most disturbing part is that not one of them I can recall. I will wake up and remember seeing and feeling really important things but as for specifics? I have nothing. 

     "Everybody has dreams like that, you're being melodramatic again. Everybody forgets them because they most likely don't have any significance to anything relevant anywhere." Jess replies from the kitchen.

    She is the slightly less fanciful, outrageously pessimistic, party pooper of the two of us. I don't think I would survive high school without her.

     "Look who's being melodramatic now." I say, jumping up to sit on the counter. For whatever reason my frequent, unexplained dreams give me an uneasy feeling. I don't really know what it is, except that I want to understand why I can't remember them and what they are about. 

     "We'd better get going, we're going to be late again." Jess says finally. When she emphasizes again, I start to wonder why we don't just stay home today. Time is neglected regularly with Jess, little does she realize we are already 20 minutes late into pre-calc. 

    Without replying I walk back into my room and fall into bed with my laptop. We have a History test today but school sucks and life is short, so screw that. 

     Last night a poster fell on me and Jess in the middle of the night and I swear both of us woke up stone cold and didn't move for a full minute before realizing that it was just a poster. I can honestly say its one of the most terrifying things to happen.

     "Olly! What are you doing we need to go, we have a History test today." Jess say's stumbling into my room, looking somewhat confused. 

     "Jess look at the clock and tell me again that we are almost going to be late." I reply.

     Jess turns and looks at the clock to immediately turn around and join me on the bed. "That poster last night was frickin crazy." She says, sighing to the sight of it taped back up with all the others plastered on my wall.

    "Haha Sherlock must have needed our attention, he sure falls off this wall a lot. I wonder if I should move him?" I say looking at the tape already slowly losing its stick.

    "Your room is such a hole sometimes. Your mom is right, you burrow like some kind of mutant rat." Jess says picking at the stickers stuck all over my notebooks.

     "I don't need you to tell me that, I prefer it. Its nice though isn't it? Its like protection and you have all your stuff around you and everytime you look up you see the posters of my obsessions. You should understand." I say admiring my collection of knick knacks. 

     "Oh trust me Olive, I understand. If I didn't we wouldn't be friends." Jess replies. She's right too. Im a mess, and I swear if I didn't have her I wouldn't have anybody. She acts like she isn't as bad as me but she's only slightly better. I mean her room is always clean and tidy but she obsesses just as much as I do. To be honest I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't have anybody without me either.


     "I guess you're stuck with me then." I say laying back on the bed with Jess, looking at the glow in the dark sticker stars on my ceiling. 

    "Two sociopath fangirls, skipping History tests and melodramatically disagreeing about forgotten dreams." She replies, I can almost hear her grin as she says this because its almost a given that when I smile she does too. And boy I'm smiling now.

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