Adventures of Olive & Jess

Olive & Jess, inseperable for life. Attached at the hip (metaphorically of course). Fangirls who thought they meant nothing to the rest of the world, even to the Universe, but when they are clever enough to notice what no one else does, for once they discover that they are better than who they limit themselves to be. Follow Olive and Jess on an epic adventure and mystery across dimensions to discover what saves them from the dull world they're from. Oh, and finding hot boys along the way.


2. A serious predicament


     I was standing amongst the stars. Millions of them all around me, they were closer to me than I've ever been before. Below my feet lay rocky earth, just enough of it to keep me from falling into the gravity-less space around me. 

    A planet, a beautiful planet was before me. The mere size was incomprehensible, to the boulder I was managing to stay on. You could see the greenery and lush habitat it carried on its back. No doubt there was life, many lives. And yet its lights were burnt out, its inhabitants living on this planets back were going to simply seize to exist within a matter of seconds.

    A rush of heat and light and cries of pain all at once came barely brushing my cheek. I watched helplessly as the planet burned before my eyes, as the life suffered to its end and the beautiful world they had was consumed by the flames.

     I cried out for it to stop but nothing happened, I fell to my knees watching all the pain and not being able to stop a thing. 

"Olive! Olly, wake up you duffus!" 

My eyes open quickly to see Jess shaking me excitedly in my bed. For a moment I was confused, where was I? I squinted and shook my head quickly remembering that I was Olive Floras and Jessyra Creeves was sitting on top of me.

     "Jessyra Creeves, I can't breath!" I hollered, knowing her deep set hatred for her full name.

     "You.Did.Not.Just.Call.MeThat!" She yelled slamming me down with a pillow, attempting to smother me.

     I pushed her off and squirmed until I was sitting upright on the bed with her on the floor.  I couldn't help but feel like something sickening was missing. That feeling you get when you forgot something important but you can't remember.

     "You had one of those dreams again didn't you?" She asked from below me. Her hair was a mess on top of her head a big blonde curly mess.

     "I think so. It feels like it, Im starting to remember the feelings." I reply, already sensing the disturbing sensations. My eyes were still heavy, but my mind was working like crazy, wiling the memories of the dream back but with no success. 

    "This one was bad, Jess. I felt scared and desperate. I wish I could remember!" I say in frustration. Im wearing thin, I think I should tell someone if these proceed. But in the meantime I want to figure out if I can remember them enough to link them. There has to be something I am dreaming about persistently that causes a block. There is always a connection, the trick is finding it. 

     "Jess do you still have that "Dream beanie" from 8th grade science fair?" I ask.

     "No, but I can make you a better one." Jess replies grinning gleefully at my idea.

     "Lets do it." I say, hoping off the bed, and running out to the car with Jess. So much better than a History test, I thought. 


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