Niall Never Knew (a Niall Horan FF) [ D I S C O N T I N U E D ]

Meliah never thought she would see Niall again. And after he cheated on her, she never wanted to. But what happens when he comes back and finds out that Meliah has been hiding a lot more than he thought...


8. Chapter 8

Meliah’s POV: I parked my car and got out. I opened the back door and got a sleeping Brooklyn out of her car seat, and headed into the doctor’s office. Brooklyn had a total of six nightmares last night, and both of us were extremely tired. Nonetheless, her doctor’s appointment was today, and was eager to hear about why she kept having these horrible dreams. She had also thrown up last night, and I was wondering about that too. I signed Brooklyn in while she sat, playing with the toys they had in the visitor area. I stood there and watched her play for awhile until her name was called. We went to the back, and they put us in a small room. The nurse came in and smiled at us. She did all the normal tests and stuff that a nurse usually does. She looked over and smiled at us. “The doctor will be in in a minute.” She said, before she walked out the door. I smiled and looked at my beautiful daughter. She pouted. “I don’t like the doctor, mummy.” She crossed her arms. I laughed. “I know, I know sweety. He’ll be done before you know it! And then we can go get some ice cream!” I said, excited. It was a tradition; every time we went to the doctor’s, Brooklyn was upset, so I would take her out for ice cream after. The doctor walked in and asked some questions, before taking her back to the very back to get an x-ray. I let my mind travel other places as I waited. I thought back to the little conversation we had last night. He was incredibly funny, and he made me laugh like he used to. He was perfect! Kind, and sweet. Maybe I should give him another cha- no. No way. I didn’t need Niall, and he didn’t need me. I kept repeating that over and over again in my head, trying to get myself to believe. That door opened, and in walked a cheerful Brooklyn, and a sad-looking doctor. Okay, I’m not going to lie. That scared me a bit. I decided to push it to the back of my mind, and walked over to Brook. “You ready to go?” I asked her. She nodded her head furiously and shouted, “Ice cream!” In her cute little baby voice. I laughed and took her hand, before we headed out the door. The doctor came along with us, and I let Brooklyn walk in front. The doctor sighed and turned to look at me. I stopped and looked back up at im, slightly worried this time. We stood in silence for a while, till he finally cleared his throat. “Meliah, Brooklyn has a brain tumor. She has cancer.” And that’s when my entire world fell down, and I dropped to my knees. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: Hello again! I know this chapter is REALLY sad, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You guys probably hate me right now. I’m sorry! But this is part of the story! I gots to goes now!! ~Holland
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