Niall Never Knew (a Niall Horan FF) [ D I S C O N T I N U E D ]

Meliah never thought she would see Niall again. And after he cheated on her, she never wanted to. But what happens when he comes back and finds out that Meliah has been hiding a lot more than he thought...


3. Chapter 3

Meliah’s POV: “Goodnight my sweet little munchkin.” I whispered in my little girls ear before I kissed her forehead. I heard soft snores escape out of her mouth as I closed the door behind me. I walked into the living room and decided to watch some tv. I grabbed the remote and turned it on. “-Where One Direction-” Flip. “The famous boyband One Direction-” Flip. “We have concert tickets to One Direction’s-” Flip. Ugh! Why does everything have to be about them? I can’t even walk out of my flat without seeing their faces plastered everywhere. It is extremely annoying, especially when you had a daughter with one of the band members, that he doesn’t know about. Speaking of which, Niall was at the park today. I hope I don’t see him again. I can’t keep feeding him lies, and he already knows I have a daughter. It’s only a matter of time before he finds out it’s his. It’s not that I don’t want Brooklyn to know her real father, it’s just that I don’t trust Niall. He completely broke me. I was shattered. My life became nothing, and I wanted to die. If it wasn’t for me having Brooklyn, I could have already been dead. Trust me, it was hard being pregnant at 17. But, I had friends to help me through it. I fell down a bit after high school, when all my friends went to college and I had to do everything on my own. I eventually got back up, though, and figured out how to get a quality education, and raise a child. I didn’t need Niall, and as far as I was concerned, he didn’t need me. Finally I landed on abc family, where one of my favorite movies, Harry Potter was playing. I tried focusing on the movie, but I just couldn’t. Instead, my head was filled with thoughts of Niall. What if he hadn’t cheated? Would we still be together, raising Brooklyn? Or would we have eventually went our separate ways? Ugh. This was so confusing! Why did he have to make the choice he did? Everything would be better then. I wouldn’t have to worry about Niall finding out about Brooklyn! And I could live a normal, happy, life. Well, at least as normal as a teen mom’s life can be. I eventually drifted off to sleep with these thoughts in mind. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: Hey guys! I haven’t done any authors notes on this one yet. I hope you guys liked this chapter. And thank you for the lovely comments everyone! :)! ~Holland
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