Niall Never Knew (a Niall Horan FF) [ D I S C O N T I N U E D ]

Meliah never thought she would see Niall again. And after he cheated on her, she never wanted to. But what happens when he comes back and finds out that Meliah has been hiding a lot more than he thought...


2. Chapter 2

Meliah’s POv: I glared into the deep blue eyes I once loved. Brooklyn and I survived 3 years without him, and we certainly didn’t need him now. I would not allow him to just come into our lives like that. No. It didn’t work that way. I never really told you the full story of me and Niall did I? Well, Niall and I had been a couple since we were 15 years old. Never once had we broken up. We had what most people don’t achieve in a lifetime; true love. I loved Niall, and I know he loved me. I don’t know what changed his mind though. Maybe it’s because he got famous and had all these girls screaming his name. Whatever it was, it made Niall fall out of love for me. I never suspected a thing. I thought everything was going smoothly, but that was before I saw the pictures. Niall had been away on tour. I was 17 at the time, and had school to attend to, so I couldn’t go with him. A week. That’s all it took for him to start cheating. There was pictures all over the internet of him making out with at least 20 different girls. It broke me. I wouldn’t speak for days on end. I loved him. I actually thought he was the one, and he defied me. I packed up and left before he even came back. When he did, he didn’t even try to deny what he had done. He made me feel like total crap. I fell into a deep depression. Then one day, I went to the doctor, because I was having morning sickness and I had been gaining weight. He told me I was pregnant and that I needed to start preparing for everything, since I was already almost 2 months along. Everything changed that day. I went to rehab for my depression, and cleaned myself up a bit. The one thing I didn’t do though was tell Niall, and I wasn’t planning to now. Niall looked down at the little girl in my arms and his eyes went wide. “I-is she yours?” He stammered. “Yes.” I stated bluntly, and before he could stop me, I walked past him and got into the car, before speeding off. No way was I going to go through any of that, ever again.
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