Niall Never Knew (a Niall Horan FF) [ D I S C O N T I N U E D ]

Meliah never thought she would see Niall again. And after he cheated on her, she never wanted to. But what happens when he comes back and finds out that Meliah has been hiding a lot more than he thought...


11. Chapter 11

Niall's POV:


"What the heck, Meliah!" I screamed.

She jumped as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

My eyes softened once I saw her face, but they hardened once again as I reminded myself of what she did.

"Why did you not tell me that she is my daughter!" I raged, getting louder.

Her eyes widened and her breathing got more uneven.

"Who did you-" But I cut her off.

"Jake did! Did you really think you could keep this from me!" I was absolutely fuming right now. How could she do this? How could she keep my own daughter from me?!

"N-Niall, I-" I cut her off again.

"No! Just, no. Give me a minute, okay?" I was about to walk out when she screamed my name again.

I turned around and looked at her, my eyebrows raised.

"What? I have another son or daughter that you need to tell me about?" I snapped. It may have seemed harsh, but it was not like Meliah to keep something this big from me, and I was worried about what else she has kept from me.

"Brooklyn has cancer." She stated. I looked her in her beautiful, green eyes as my heart fell to my stomach. I may not have known Brooklyn for very long, but I know that I loved her more than anything in the world already, and this news just tore my world apart.

It's funny, isn't it? How you can just meet someone and they've already become your number one reason to live.

In that moment I understood. I understood why Meliah had kept Brook from me. She just wanted to protect her, after all I had done to hurt Meliah. And I hated myself. Absolutely hated myself for everything I had ever done to make Meliah feel that kind of pain.

Man, I am horrible.


Hey everyone! I am sooooo sorry that I have been gone for that long, but, I'm back! And I updated! I hope you like this chapter!!!!!!! Love you all,


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