Waiting on a dream

April has a dream. A dream for her whole life. No matter what comes her way she is prepared to fight it. Nothing can stop her now. Because she is waiting, waiting on a dream.


2. Friends change little things to big things

Waking up was probably the hardest thing to do that day. That feeling when you know you have to go out for school and you just want to sleep! And here's a very interesting fact for you: no matter how late I go to bed or how early, if I wake up early- I am tired without a doubt. My hair was messy, eyes sagging and I got out and ate breakfast. For me this is the longest period in the morning. It just goes on and your slow because your tired. To much work.

So school has started and I dread the day. That is until I see my friends and my face lights up instantly. I do like school, not saying that I hate it as such, but it's one like everyday. I could be doing so much better things with my time. But I still want to go because how well I do in school is how my future will probably look like. It's annoying, I know but I've just gotta do it.

Jade is the best person I know by far! She is my best friend and she makes the days I dread into some of the best moments I've ever had. It's is strange because I've only known her for 3 terms of school and she knows me inside out, as I do with her. I'm also glad we are not like those other girls in my class. They say this girl is their 'bae' (before anyone else) then the next minute absolute enemies. Further still when they make up again they say they are their best friend but say that about 20 other people too! It's crazy, but I know real friendship when I see it, and I see it in Jade's hazel eyes. We look like sisters even though she has very dark brown hair and tanned skin. She has hoots be that one person who sticks with you forever, I just know it!

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