Waiting on a dream

April has a dream. A dream for her whole life. No matter what comes her way she is prepared to fight it. Nothing can stop her now. Because she is waiting, waiting on a dream.


1. 1. True beauty

The smell was beautiful. Daisies all around me were swaying in the breeze. The wind whipped them gently and took the scent away, then delivered it to my nose. The sun shined on my long brown hair and made it lighter and I could feel it's warmth on my pale skin. Looking up I could see clouds, just like sheep dancing across a meadow against the baby blue sky. It made me happier and more joyful. Exactly like the sun that was smiling brightly just now.

A sat up and my bright blue eyes stared into the horizon. The sun shone and winked at me assuring that tonight, even when I could no longer see it, it would be watching over me. All I could see was a field of daisies and of course the sun slowly sinking down where the moon would take it's place. The flowers tickled me but meaning to be kind at he same time. It looked untouched. Like this whole place has never been seen by a man or women until now; by me. It was blissful and the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. Like a new scenery, even though I go come here every day. One word popped into my head: peace.

I could have lay there all evening and fall asleep until morning came round again. I would have, if my mum hadn't have called me. "April! Time to come in now sweetie! It's beginning to get dark." Mum called

"Okay mum, coming!" I replied back and scrambled up to my feet, leaving the true beauty behind where I would wait all night to see it again tomorrow. Good bye sun.

My head sank into the pillow in a split second. With my head cushioned and my body warm, wrapped up in all of the blankets I was ready to sleep. And then, I went into dream land...

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