It sucks

To day was my first day at my new school At bell-broke high there are the groups like every other schools the jocks ,nerds ,arty kids and the popular girls and boys .well my name is Beth AKA Bethany I am 17 I have long blond hair and blue eyes oh and by the was this school is not normal we are all from the under world.


1. New chapter

Wow can't believe to day is me first day of high school.Hi a am Beth I am tall blond blue eyed and 117 I am a vampire like most kids in our school . Some are we're wolves and some witches not like the ones in fairy tail.

[Beth's pov]

To days my first day at bell Brooke high am am so exited. I get out of bed and yes I have a bed I'm not medieval and have a shower. I hop out and get changed in to some black skinny jeans and a ripped t shirt with a baggy white jumper an black converse and apply a little make up and leave my wavy hair down . And drive to school .

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