after he left

What really happened after ron left hermione and harry during their quest for the horcruxes


5. too close for comfort

Harry gently slid her pants off her hips while sucking gently on her shoulder, he pulled back to look at her, but she snuggled in closely to his chest, she started tracing the lines of his chest with her fingers, harry shivered and leant down to capture her lips, he gently traced circles on her thighs, harry pressed her down onto the bed and pined her down with his own body. as their kiss grew more passionate so did the touching, Hermione lay on the bed with nothing on, where as harry was in only his pants, Hermione fumbled with the front of his pants, he smiled against her lips,

"having trouble dal?" Hermione blushed as he slid his pants down, "why so desperate". she looked him up and down,

"your doing something for me before you get anything from me" harry said slyly, Hermione slid her hand down his front and placed her hand around him, she looked into his eyes and he nodded. she was going antaganisingly slow, harry growled at her and she gradually speed up, harry started moaning and muttering her name. she gently let him go, 

"my turn" Hermione whispered after lying back down next to him, he smirked the looked concerned,

"your sure about the"

"yes harry, im sure" she stared in to his eyes and he nodded,

"why do you want this so much Hermione?"

"I want to know how good you are" she gave him a cheeky smile, he rolled his eyes at her. then he gently pressed one of his fingers against her opening, he looked up at her and she nodded, he slowly slid one of his fingers in,

"this isn't your first time?" he looked at her shocked, she shook her head, "who?"

"Ron" she whispered, his eyes widened, he slid a second finger in, she moaned softly, and he slowly started sliding his fingers in and out, really slowly, she hissed in anticipation and he slipped his third finger in, "mmh, harry!" she moaned, he smiled at that, he liked her saying his name that way, almost  lustfully. she closed her eyes and twisted her fingers in his hair and he started kissing her. she felt him take his fingers out and she whimpered slightly, she opened her eyes to see him watching her,

"do you want to try the real thing?" he asked.



Hours later the sun was coming up, but the couple were still going.

"love you 'Mione" harry whispered into her ear as he pushed into her one final time before just resting inside her,

"love you too" Hermione nodded harry moved get up but Hermione grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back down, "don't get up yet, we still have all morning, Ron cant come back."

"Fine, but only for another hour" and for the next hour or so the two just lay there enjoying each others company.

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