after he left

What really happened after ron left hermione and harry during their quest for the horcruxes


4. midnight

Harry woke up, it was still dark outside, he was wondering what woke him. Harry decided he would go get a drink, he rolled over to get up and stopped.

"Hermione?" she turned from her position on the ladder and crawled over to him,

"problem?" she whispered sitting beside him, she brushed her hair over one shoulder, revealing the crook of her neck, Harry shifted uncertainly.  she tuned towards him and brushed her hand against his bare chest. "Hermione, please stop that" Harry whispered, he grabbed her hand and pulled it away from himself, she whimpered slightly and reached her other hand out, gently tracing her fingers  along the lines of his chest, "Hermione!" he snapped at her, she recoiled and shifted her body slightly towards him. Harry got up off his bed and went out to the kitchen leaving Hermione shocked and blinking on his bed.


Hermione jumped off Harry's bed and walked out to the kitchen. She looked around trying to find Harry, "why does he have to be so loyal to Ron, not like I would tell him" she muttered to herself as she looked for him. after a while she headed back to his room expecting him to have gone back there, and she  was right.

"go away 'mione" he muttered,

"I dont want to, and earlier last night you didn't want me to go either!"

"I was wearing the locket" he said flatly,

"Harry" Hermione whined, "please, I wont tell Ron, you know that"

"good job, beautiful, you've gone from being the smartest witch in our year, to being some low down depressed..." Harry laughed,

"you just called me beautiful" she cut him off,

"whatever, take the locket off and put it in your bag" Harry said,

"no" Hermione said

"why not?"

"cause that's not safe, I could lose it there"

"fine, give it to me" Hermione lifted the locket off and Harry snatched it out of her hands, and placed it around his own neck, Hermione smiled slightly,

"Harry please" she begged,

Harry paused, the locket whispered to him, Ron will never know if neither of you tell him, Harry shook his head, he knew it was wrong, but it sounded so fun, he knew of Ron found out their friendship would be ruined, but if they didn't tell him,

"ok Hermione, but if her finds out I'm telling him exactly what you have said tonight and you can't deny it" he said, she nodded, she knew if Ron found out ot would ruin their relationship, even if Harry didn't know about said relationship.

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