after he left

What really happened after ron left hermione and harry during their quest for the horcruxes


2. leavings

"protego" Hermione cried as her invisible shield expanded between herself and Harry and Ron, each of them were forced backwards by the spells strength. the boys glared at each other through the transparent shield,

"leave the horcrux" harry snapped, Ron ripped the chain from around his neck and flung it onto a near by chair, then turned and made his way to the door,

"what are you doing?" her turned to Hermione,

"what do you mean?"

"are you staying, or what?"

"I, im gonna stay" she looked pained, "ron we said we'd go with harry, we prom..."

"no, I get it you choose him, everyone chooses him" Ron spat at them and left the tent,

"Ron, no, please, come back" she yelled after him, but by the time she had removed her charm he was gone.

Harry could hear her sobbing and calling to Ron through the trees, she returned moments later sobbing, her hair plastered to her face, flung her arms around Harry's neck and sobbed into his chest, "he's gone" she broke down into tears,

"Hermione, its fine, if that was his attitude he wasn't gonna be much help now was he" Harry patted her back, unsure of what to do,

"you're right" she sniffed, "but im still gonna miss him"

"you don't need to he'll be back"

"Harry, help me take my mind off him" she pleaded, Harry looked un comfortable,

"uh, what did you have in mind?" he stuttered, she looked him hard in the eye, this made him feel even more uncomfortable, "oh, you want..."

"you" she cut him off, he went very pink, he felt dazed, he pulled away from her and stooped to pick up the horcrux, placing it around his own neck, dark thoughts crept into his mind as the cold of the locket spread across his chest,

"ok Hermione" he called to her, "if you want me, come get me"

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