after he left

What really happened after ron left hermione and harry during their quest for the horcruxes


3. a night forgotten

Hermione smiled mischievously and ran her fingers across his bare chest, making him shiver with anticipation, he crashed his lips against her, and they both felt that their lips fitted perfectly with the others, the kiss grew more passionate and lustful, Harry ran his hands along her waist and back. Hermione traced the lines of his chest with her fingers of one hand and tangled the other in his messy, black hair. Finally Harry broke away,

"I'm not going any further with this" he said, pushing Hermione off his lap and heading for the kitchen. She got up and move into the sitting room and sat there for a while. All of a sudden Ron's name tore from her lips and she curled into a sobbing ball, but if Harry got to close to her she started screaming at him, telling him that it was his fault, these words stung even more so when he realized it was true. So he took the sheets off Ron's bed and chucked them over her, then he climbed into his own bed and stared up at the dark canvas roof until he fell asleep.

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