Shoot Us Down (Austin Mahone)

Brianna is a young normal teenager until she goes to an Austin Mahone concert her life is changed for ever


2. Shopping

*Brianna's P.O.V*

I wake up and look at my phone. HOLY CRAP 50 messages all from Alina all saying basically the same "i am so excieted." I look at the time and it is 9:30, half an hour to get ready. i get up and go to the washroom and take a shower and let my blond hair out and brush it and get dressed into jeans and a flowerly shirt and put on my purple vans. No longer then i have got dressed i hear an eager knock at the door, i open and Alina screams and pulls me in for a bear hug.  "Alliee i cant breath"  "oops sorry i am just so excited"  "its okay lets go shopping for tommorow" I study her clothes and she is wearing tights and her pink and purple nike high tops.

When we get to the shops we go straight to Supre and i see this amazing purple strapless dress and i buy it and a pair of purple wedges. I look up and see Alina walking out of the change room wearing high waisted shorts and a tank that said 'No Boyfriend no problem'

"Alliee you look so cute" I say to her. "thanks bri" we went to the food court and got some hot chips and milkshakes and sat down for our lunch. "So Alliee, are you going to try and get Alex's attention?" ever since him and Sarah broke up Alina is always commenting on his pictures on Instagram and trying to get his attention and she fails all the time haha. "of course i am and i will" "haha okay Alina lets go buy stuff for posters and go home and make them" "okay"

We buy all these neon glowsticks to stick on the posters to make them more noticeable. Alina wrote the typical "marry me alex" Alex is Austins best friend and he is always on stage and answering questions and just mucking around with Austin. On my poster i wrote: 'U girl right here' because that is his new song 'U girl' i love it, its my favourite by far.

We finish and i look at the time its already 8 pm and i ask alliee if she wants to stay the night and she says yes because we have to leave early even though it starts at 7.30pm but it is a 2 hour drive and we want to get there at 10am so we can go into the sound check and the backstage vip meet and greets.


*Authors note*

thank to my best friend Alina for giving me suggestions all thoughtout this chapter and all of my other ideas i love you <3 xxoo and i will try and update every school day as i write at school please comment!

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