Shoot Us Down (Austin Mahone)

Brianna is a young normal teenager until she goes to an Austin Mahone concert her life is changed for ever


1. Best friends

I log on to Ustream and i look up Austin Mahone and watch his latest Ustream which was posted one hour ago. I start downloading it and Austin pops up and then Alex Constancio comes up on the screen and then Austin starts talking about his concert on the weekend saying that the tickets stop selling on the 3rd of January! I looked on my phone and it was the 2nd of January. Shit its 9pm, i really want these tickets i log on to ticketek and see that there is only 50 more tickets and i click 'buy' then all of a sudden a screen pops up and says 'Congratulation you have purchesed two Austin Mahone tickets!!!! I grab my phone and dial my best friend Alina, Alina is my best friend, she is tall and has brown hair and brown eyes and she is super skinny. She answers after 3 rings, "Hello?" Alina says. "Alliee Austin Mahone's concert is on Saturday and i got us tickets!" i half shout at her. "Om-fricken G you are the best!" she screamed at me "come over tommorow and we can go shopping for clothes!" i say excidely. "Okay see you aroound 10?" "yep sounds good to me" "see ya babe" alliee says to me. "see ya hun"

i go to the bathroom andbrush though my long blonde hair and brush my teeth. I curl my hair before i hop into bed and fall asleep, my last thoughts before i fall asleep are of Saturday. What if i meet him? what if i be his U girl? OMG i am so happy.


*Authors note*

sorry this is my first book tell me what you think?

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