Kiss Me (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 May 2014
  • Updated: 14 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Kiss Me; To lovebirds get caught in the middle with the new students in town. They are known as The Shield. Kim and Roman became good friends, but when it turns out Roman is falling for Kim. Things took a different route for him, Kim is in an abusive relationship with her brother Cody and their mother cannot do anything to stop him from viciously attacking her. Roman notices Kim getting quieter and quieter everyday, he questions her and the story begins...


6. Months Later (Prom)

 Kim: *getting ready for prom* 

Teresa: You look perfect pumpkin. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you grandma. 

Teresa: Here, let me fix this right here. *fixes kims dress* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you grandma. 

Cody: *walks to the room* 

Kim: *looking in the mirror/sees cody and smiles* 

Cody: *smiles* You look beautiful sister. 

Kim: *turns around* How beautiful? 

Cody: The most beautiful girl on this planet. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles with joy* Thank you brother. 

Teresa: I'm so happy you two are talking and working things out. Your father would be so happy. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Grandma, can we not talk about your son tonight?  

Teresa: *sniffs* I'm sorry, I just really wish he saw how beautiful his daughter looked tonight going to prom. 

Kim: *cries and hugs Teresa silently* 

Cody: Grandma, if anything... I think he's happy. 

Teresa: *wipes her tears* Yes, let's get you going honey. 

Kim: *goes to prom with cody* 

Cody: Alright, go find a partner to dance with. 

Kim: *smiles* I think I'm good for now. *looks around* 

Cody: Hi, I'm Cody. 

Brandie: Brandie. 

Cody: Can I get a dance with you. 

Brandie: *smiles* Sure. *chuckles* 

Cody: *dance with brandie* 

Host: Alright, it is now time for prom king and queen. 

Cody: *goes and stands next to kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Cody: I really hope you win because you look the best tonight sister. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you big brother.  

Cody: They better have voted for you because we didn't move all the way out here for you to lose. 

Kim: *chuckles* Thanks. 

Host: Let's get out prom queen first... Our prom queen for 2014 is... Miss Kimberly Rhodes! 

Kim: *smiles big* 

Cody: *hugs kim* 

Kim: *walks to the stage and accepts her flower and crown* Wow, thank you all so much. I know I came to this school late, but I've made friends so quick, you all welcomed me and just... thank you, my life has never been better. *smiles* 

Host: Alright now, for our prom king 2014, it is... Roman Reigns! 

Kim: *looks at the host/chuckles* What? 

Roman: *makes his way to the stage/lights shine on him* 

Kim: *shocked/gasp* 

Roman: *smiles while cont. walking to the stage* 

Kim: *slowly walks to roman* 

Roman: *stops half way* 

Kim: *runs to roman* Roman!  

Roman: *runs to kim* 

Kim: Is it really you? 

Roman: It's me Kim, I finally found you. 

Kim: *smiles with tears and joy/kisses roman* 

Roman: *kisses kim back* 

All: *claps and cheers* 

Cody: Hey. 

Roman: *stops kissing kim* 

Cody: Take care of my sister, don't ever let a tear fall from her eyes or I won't ever let you go. 

Roman: Ok. 

Cody: *chuckles* I'm kidding man, just be faithful and good to her. 

Roman: I will. *looks at kim and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles shyly* 

Cody: Alright, I'm gonna go now. 

Kim: Wait, where are you going? 

Cody: *smiles* I didn't want to tell you, but I got into University of San Diego. I start tomorrow at nine, so I have to leave now or else I won't make it. 

Kim: *gets sad* You're leaving? 

Cody: Just for now, I'll be back in four years when I finish. 

Kim: *smiles in tears* Aw, ok. 

Cody: *hugs kim* I love you sis. 

Kim: *hugs cody back* I love you too brother. 

Cody: *leaves*

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