Kiss Me (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 May 2014
  • Updated: 14 May 2014
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Kiss Me; To lovebirds get caught in the middle with the new students in town. They are known as The Shield. Kim and Roman became good friends, but when it turns out Roman is falling for Kim. Things took a different route for him, Kim is in an abusive relationship with her brother Cody and their mother cannot do anything to stop him from viciously attacking her. Roman notices Kim getting quieter and quieter everyday, he questions her and the story begins...


3. Lesson Learned

(Bell Rings) 

Roman: *walking to class* 

Girl 1: I heard Kim got jumped by her brother. 

Girl 2: Yeah, I heard they got into a fight. 

Girl 1: I hear they fight all the time. 

Girl 2: But this one was violent. 

Girl 1: Explains why she never goes anywhere. 

Girl 2: Always a scared brat. *chuckles* 

Roman: What'd you say about Kim? 

Girl 2: Nothing? 

Roman: She got in a fight with who? 

Girl 1: Everyone knows, she and her brother doesn't get along. He's always beating her up. 

Roman: Why? 

Girl 2: Some say it's out of anger, some say it's because he lost the one he loves, and others say it's because he lost himself out there. 

Girl 1: Girls in the locker room says them. They say she's always bruised too. Always a new bruise every day of the week. 

Roman: *walks off mad* 

Girl 1: Who is he? 

Girls 2: I don't know, but he's hot. 

Girl 1: Yeah, he is. 

(Lunch Time) 

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Roman: *walks by kim and turns around and lifts her shirt up* 

Kim: *pushes romans arm away/fixes her shirt* What the hell! 

Roman: Who did this to you! 

Kim: What are you talking about? I told you I ran into the wall last night. 

Roman: Who's your brother! Does he go here! 

Kim: He's in college. 

Roman: Which one! 

Kim: Roman, I don't need you to stand up for me ok! I can do it myself! 

Roman: Is that why you're bruised! I see it now; I see why you won't go to any school events. I know why you always sound scared now. 

Kim: *slowly* You, you can tell? 

Roman: It's obvious Kim, it's easy to see what you're going through. 

Kim: *cries* Is it bad? 

Roman: I don't know, let me see. 

Kim: *slowly lifts her shirt up* 

Roman: *looks at kim and touches the bruise* 

Kim: Ow. 

Roman: I can't let you go home. 

Kim: I have to, my brother will kill me if I'm not home. 

Roman: I'll take you home and I'll tell him. 

Kim: You can't Roman! I don't want you involved and I don't want you to get hurt. 

Roman: No, you listen to me. You and I are gonna go to your house afterschool and we are gonna have a talk with your brother. 

Kim: Please don't. *looks away* 

Roman: I don't care, I'm gonna make him pay and he's gonna pay it through the hard way. *walks off* 

Kim: *leans against her locker* 

Eva: Hey? Is everything ok? I heard the girls in the gym locker say you got beat up badly by your brother? 

Kim: *out of breath* It's not true Eva. *cries* It's not true. *runs off to the bathroom* 

Eva: Kim! *runs after kim* 

(After School) 

Roman: Kim. 

Kim: *walking off* Stop Roman. 

Roman: *grabs kims arm* I'm taking you home! 

Kim: *scared* Ok. *cries* Ok, I'll go with you, but please don't do anything you'll regret. 

Roman: *grabs kims hand and walks to the car* 

Kim: *walking fast to catch up with roman* 

Roman: *pulls up/parks* 

Kim: I'll go from here, you can go home. 

Roman: No, I don't want... 

Cody: Who the hell is this?! 

Kim: It's just a friend of mine Cody; lower your tone and anger please. 

Cody: Lower! *pushes kim to the ground* 

Roman: *gets out the car quick and goes face to face with cody* 

Cody: Who the hell are you!  

Roman: So you're the one that's been beating up Kim! 

Cody: It doesn't matter! She's my sister! *pushes roman* 

Roman: *walks off and then spears cody* 

Kim: *screams* Cody! Roman! Leave now! Go before I call the cops on you! 

Roman: *looks at kim* This is how you repay me for helping you? I see exactly thru you how you are now. *leaves to his car* 

Kim: *cries* What? 

Roman: *speeds off* 

Kim: Cody, are you ok? 

Cody: *sore* What the hell was that! Who is he?! 

Kim: Please Cody, he's just a friend, please c'mon, let's go inside. 

Cody: *walks in the house* 

Kim: *goes to her room to drop her things/runs back downstairs* Are you ok? 

Cody: *head-butts kim* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* Ow!  

Cody: *stands up* 

Kim: *kicks cody on the knee* 

Cody: *falls and hits his face/out on conscious* 

Kim: *gasp* Cody? *shakes cody* Cody? Are you ok? 

Kathleen: *opens the door* Honey? What happened? *runs to check on cody* 

Kim: *cries* I, I didn't mean to mom. *runs off* 

Kathleen: Kimberly! 

(Back To School Dance) 

Roman: *sitting/drinking punch* 

Dean: Hey, isn't that Kim? 

Roman: *look closer* 

Kim: *walks towards roman* 

Roman: Kim? What happened? 

Kim: I ran from home. 

Roman: What? 

Kim: Please! I can't go back there! *cries scared/hugs roman* 

Roman: *shocked* 

Dean: *eyes widen* 

Seth: Of course you can stay with Roman Kim, his place is big enough for you to live or stay a couple nights. 

Roman: What happened Kim? 

Kim: *crying* I hurt Cody.  

Roman: What? How? 

Kim: I kicked him and then he fell and wasn't responding. 

Roman: You killed him? 

Kim: I don't know. *cries scared again* 

Roman: *hugs kim* It's ok, let's go to my place, c'mon guys. 

Kim: *leaves with roman* 

Roman: *parks* C'mon. 

Kim: *walks in the house with roman* 

Roman: Mom, dad, this is Kim, she's gonna be staying here for a couple nights. 

Patricia: Where are your parents? 

Kim: My dad died about 2 months ago. My mom went on a trip to heal up. *looks at roman* 

Roman: So is it ok if she stays here? 

Patricia: Yeah, it's fine. How long? 

Kim: Just until my mom gets back in three weeks. 

Patricia: Ok. 

Sika: Is she your girlfriend? 

Roman: No. *looks at kim* 

Kim: We're just friends, I happened to be the first person to greet him at school. 

Roman: We're gonna take Dean and Seth home, we'll be back. 

Sika: Ok. 

Kim: *leaves with roman*

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