kpop imagines


1. xiumin

(your name is Kat, and you have been Xiumins girlfriend for 3 years now)

(Kats pov)                  

I was sitting with Xiumin in his favorite coffee shop. We were talking, drinking coffee and having a god time.

I looked out the window for a second and when I looked back Xiumin was gone. I asked one of the workers if she had seen were he wend, the worker told me that he had just left the shop.   

I quickly went looking for him but with no luck. I went home sad and with teary eyes.

(xiumins pov)

We were sitting there drinking our coffee. Kat as looking out of the window, this was my chance now I could leave her. I quickly got out of  my seat without making a noise, and got out of the door and then I began to run.

(Kats pov)

I was laying on my bed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Why would he leave me without saying anything? Is this his way to break up with me? , what have I done wrong? , am I not good enough for him? The thoughts were running through my head like crazy.                          


I was laying there, crying my heart out when my phone started to beep. I took my phone and saw that it was a message from Xiumin. I slowly started reading the message scared of what he would write.  

Xiumin: hi sweaty im really sorry about what happened earlier today. But im sure you will forgive when you see what I have for you.

Kat: What???

Xiumin: come down into the garden and ill show you what….

I walked out of my room, down the stairs, out of the door and into the garden.

The garden was lite up by a lot of candles. And the stars were shining so bright down on me. In the middle of the garden there was a blanket with food and wine. Everything was so beautiful, but were was Xiumin. I looked around in the garden when I saw a shadow over by the big three and the Xiumin walked out into the light. He had a packed in his hands, he walked over to me and gave me the packed.  I open it up and inside was a little cute dog.

Kat: omg…Xiumin it’s so cute.

Xiumin: im glad you like it. That’s why I left earlier today, cause I had a deal with some friends that I had to pick it up. And I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I hope you can forgive me.

He looked down shyly.    

Kat: of course I forgive you, your my cute Boazi.

Xiumin: and your my beautiful girlfriend. I love you so much.

Kat: I love you to.



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