kpop imagines


2. V (BTS)

You and Taetae have been dating for 5 month now and he have still not askt you to be his girl. And you was afraid thet he would never do it.


-In tha park-

(your pov)

I was sitting in the park waitng for my best friend Jin, who had invited me to the park, so we could talk about me and V. An hour had slowly passed and there was no sign of Jin, i tried to call him but his phone was turned of. As i was sitting there stil wating for Jin a man came up to me, he gave me a beautiful red rose with a little note. On the note it said: ''Follow the sound of my heartbeat and you will find the one that truely loves you.''

I was sitting there totally confused, I mean what sould i do..... But then sudenly i heard the sound of a drum. I followed the sound to a big tree where a man was standing with a drum. I was still a bit confused cause i had no idea who was behind all of this. As i was standing there confused two hands coverd my eyes. I felt teh persons breath on the skin behind my ear, and then a sweet voice wisbert in my ear: ''Hey beautiful.'' The person removed his hands and i turned around. I was shocked when i saw V standing there.

(No ones pov.)

V: ''(y/n) are you okay?''

You: ''Yeah im fine.'' 

V:''Good.......Ermm (y/n) can i ask you someting.'' He said neouversly.

You: ''Of course.'' He slowly took your hands in his. 

V:''(y/n) i have wanted to ask you this for a while now but i have been to neouvers. But now i can do it......(y/n) will you please be ma girl.'' He asked while taking out a necklace and giving it to you.

You felt like you wanted to cry, he finnaly asked you.... You quikly said yes and hugged him tight.


After that day you and V was a happy couple, when you two grew older you got married and had children.






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