Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


17. Wicked Games

He was stuck at another function that he didn't want to be at, since him and the guys had gotten back it had been non stop. In that time he had only managed to skype Maddy once and send her the occasional text message but nothing else, he was starting to doubt if this was a good idea he so badly wanted to be with her but he was stuck half way across the world. He looks down at his phone and sees the time; time to ditch this party, just as he is about to make his way to the entrance he bumps into someone.
“Err sorry about that.”
“No sorry that was my mistake.” he looks up and takes in the sight of the beautiful TV star Stacy Mills. She flashes him a smile
“Want to get out of here?”
“Sure.” Is all he says before his mind can catch up to his mouth, they step outside of the party and Stacy purposely entwines her arm with his as Niall looks around nervously hoping no one will catch this. Cameras start flashing straight away
“Let's go” he pulls her a little too quickly as Stacy is loving all the cameras and the attention, he finds the closest bar and heads straight into it with Stacy in toe. He shoots the guys a quick message.
Ni – help!!! stuck in a bar with Stacy Mills with paps all outside. The guys are no help as most of them are doing their own thing
Zayn – better hope they don't get printed
Ni – no shit! I don't want Maddy to see this
Zayn – i'm sure she'll understand....
Liam – On my way just finished dinner what bar?
Ni - 5th leg...

Niall's phone buzzes again thinking its one of the guys again, it wasn't it was Maddy, his heart races that little bit faster as he smiles at the words he reads. He sends a reply back
Ni – love you too wish you were here...
Stacy lets out a sigh grabbing his attention
“What was all that about?” Niall asked clearly annoyed that she did that when they got out of the party.
“Oh relax Niall, you've got to have some fun with it all.”
“I have a girlfriend you fool.” he turns to he bar tender and orders a drink
“Can I please have a double shot of whiskey” Stacy raises and eyebrow and leans her elbows against the bar trying to look sexy
“I don't see your girlfriend anywhere.”
“Don't start.” Niall turns away from her and ignores her the rest of the time as he sips on his drink he looks at his phone again.
Mad – And where does here entail? Was she being suggestive?
Ni – Was stuck at another charity event now i'm just drinking by myself in a bar what are you up to this evening?
Mad – Oh honey have you forgotten it's a glorious day outside... well for me :P. S
he sends a pic of her view. Niall smiles he kept forgetting the time difference he snaps a pic of the drink and sends it to her
Mad – No fair I want to see you :(
Ni – You first ;)

Maddy takes a pic of herself and sends it
Mad – Almost finished my run i'm all hot and sweaty
Ni – That's alright
Niall snaps a pic of him doing a suggestive face
Mad – Niall is that a tux I see? You can't do that to me you know how much I love seeing you dressed up.
Ni – what about down?
Mad – that too Mr Cheeky.

“Heya there you are.” Liam struts on into the bar and pats Niall on the back
“Oh Ni didn't I tell you not to drink your sorrows away” he says playfully as he finishes off the drink. Stacy clears her throat again waiting to be introduced
“Right; Stacy Liam, Liam Stacy.” Stacy gushes all over Liam and he just pulls out of it
“Yea alright love well I'm gonna take my buddy here and get him home, are you alright for a lift?”
“Well can't I get one with you?” both the guys chuckle to themselves at how desperate she sounds
“I'll call you a cab.” Niall says as he pulls out his phone to order a cab for Stacy. They wait with her until her cab arrives, stacey turns and hugs them goodbye, just as she is about to pull out of Nialls embrace she quickly plants a kiss on his lips and out of no where a camera flashes, she turns around with a big grin on her face
“Nice meeting you both maybe Niall we could do this again?”
“No, goodbye Stacy” both Liam and Niall wave as both are left dumbfounded with what she just did.
“I'm screwed” Niall says running his fingers through his hair, someone had taken a picture of that kiss and it was going to get twisted into some sick story.
“Come lets go get a drink” Liam says trying to get his friend to calm down
“No, I'm heading home.”
“Oh you're no fun come on Ni it'll be alright, have to even been talking to Maddy?” Niall hesitates with his answer
“Yes”  yes to Liam meant one thing and he snatches Niall's phone and reads his latest text and laughs
“You're a goner.” His phone buzzes and Niall quickly snatches it and luckily he did maddy had sent another picture message
Mad – I think I need to take a shower now, too bad you're not here. There she was with her back to the mirror standing naked and a cheeky smile on her face..
“What is it...?” Liam tries to take the phone again
“Nah ah you don't get to see this one...”
“Ahh yea ok got you there...alright I give up you go home and play fantasies with your girlfriend.”
“That I will”
“Ni this whole Stacy thing will blow over”
“I hope so because she means nothing at all when I have Maddy.” Niall says with a big smile on his face, maybe his night wasn't going to be so bad... 
Ni – so i'm finally home ready to get out of this tux... Niall had unbuttoned his shirt so she would be able to see his torso but keep the rest on. He knew how to tease her.
Maddy hops out of the shower and grabs her phone and makes her way back to her room she sees the pic and almost goes ballistic he looked so good.
Mad – skype now! She gets her laptop ready and decides to keep playing this game she rumages through her drawers and pulls out some sexy lingerie and puts them one while her laptop still loads .
Niall laughs at her forwardness but doesn't hesitate he would love to talk to her right now, he gets his laptop out and sits it on his lap as he opens up his skype and finds Maddy's name he is greeted by Maddy looking very stunning in her black lace camisole with her barely there underware on aswell
“Err ah hi.” Maddy giggles at how shy he has gone
“Hey baby.” she says in a silly sexy voice which breaks the ice and causes Niall to smile
“You're such a tease”
“And so are you mister, now come on you have to give me a better view” Niall blushes a bit but gets a silly idea in his head
“Are you sure you can handle this?” He says as he stands up and places it so she can see all of him
“Oh baby yea.” she giggles and Niall starts to strip tease he starts slowly undoing he cuff links to his shirt, he places them on the dresser as he pulls the shirt off, maddy wolfwhistles as she moves her laptop so he can see more of her too. He looks down at his pants and undoes his belt and pulls it out of the loop holes he then starts to unbotton and unzip his pants, he looks back up at the screen and then turns around
“Na ahh” He says as he then pulls off his pants, he attempts to get them off by kicking his feet out but trips on them and falls down. Out of habit Maddy sits up staring into the screen
“Niall are you ok?!”
“Yer i'm good” he gets back up and is greeted with an eyesight of maddy's cleavage
“I'm more then good now.” he says as Maddy realises where her camera is
“Oh Niall!” Niall gets back onto the bed in his breifs and sits there admiring Maddy's body.
“What are you thinking?”
“How much I want to be with you right now”
“Well baby hopefully it won't be too long”
“You're driving me crazy in that.”
“Well maybe next time we see each other I'll wear it for you”
“I love you Maddy”
“Hey maddy” mmm
“Would you errr ever you know.” he blushes at the question he is asking, Maddy blushes in return
“Niall! Would you? I don't think I would it would be weird...”
“Yerr I don't think I would either.”
“Did you want me to though?”
“No, was just curious.” he lets out a yawn
“Ok well I'll let you get some sleep or other things...” she winks at him she leaves her laptop on her bed and gets up and slips out of her thong and waves it at the camera.
“This is getting uncomfortable”  Niall can only see the top half of her but her teasing is so distracting
“Yerr I better fix this.” he places his laptop to his side to she can see how turned on his is
“Ok babe I love you.” she is leaning in close to the camera again and blows him a kiss.
“Love you too.” they end the conversation and both are left all flustered from what they've been doing.

Maddy lay on her bed she was so turned on right now and it sucked because Niall was half way across the world. She let her curiousity get the best of her as she lets her fingers wander down there as she begins to pleasure herself.

Niall scratches his head and heads over to his bathroom, a hot shower will do the trick. He lets the water run down over him but the images of maddy play over and over in his head and he can only do one thing... 

The Daily News:
Spotted Niall Horan hitting up the town with Stacy Mills after a charity event both were seen attending. Pictures say it all as the two were spotted leaving the event together then going into a bar, they did't leave for quiet awhile and when they did they left us with this a quick snog goodbye. Looks like the singer has left his Miss Mysterious back home in Australia as no further news has come about from when he was spotted kissing and hugging a bruenette woman at Sydney's International Airport back in November.

Maddy ready through the news headline and tried to block out the picture taken of her man kissing another girl, though she knew it was going to be hard loving a man who was famous  her heart was breaking this looked like the same night that she and him were getting all steamy over skype how could he!? She now felt like a fool for loving a man that lived so far away and who lived the high life, tears roll down her cheek as she now felt used.

Harry is woken up when his phone lights up with the crazy news from last night. All that rushes through his head is how Maddy must be feeling right now, this gives him the push to finally text her.

Haz – i'm guessing the tabloids have made it all the way to your side of the world? Want to do something with me? ;)
Maddy lets out a groan hoping it isn't Niall as she didn't want to even talk to him at the moment, her face lights up when she sees that it is from Harry she hadn't really heard from him at all.
Mad – long time no see, what do you have in mind?
Haz – hook up, jokes. Sing with me.
Mad – What?! How are we suppose to do that?
Haz – get on skype and i'll explain it. XX

Maddy fires up her laptop and waits once her computer has finished loading she quickly opens up her skype and sees the green light next to Harry's name, she clicks on it and instanly she is greeting by Harry's mop of hair.
“Maddy love how you been? Do you miss me?” he says all cheeky
“Oh you know I've missed you Harry, now tell me your elaborate plan..” Maddy tries to put on a brave face hoping he can help her forget that Niall did such a thing.
“Well... it's a little bit mean.” Maddy raises her eyebrows
“How is it mean, I'm not going to do anything with you Harry we've already been through that.”
“I know, I know”
“Then what's the song?”
“Wicked Games by Chris Issak” Maddy's eyes lights up
“Oooo harsh, but I love that song, i'm in what do I need to do?”
“Really that easy, maybe I should of asked for something else.”
“Alright, well do you want to do some practicing now?”
“Yea ok, just let me pull up the lyrics.”
“I've got the backing track...”
“Ok let's do this, wait do you want me to start or you?”
“You start and we'll go from there.” the music begins to play and Maddy then starts to sing the first verse
The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. It's strange what desire will make foolish people do. I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you. And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you.” She closes her eyes as she feels the emotion build up within her as she hits a new notes when the chorus comes on
No, I don't want to fall in love (This world is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don't want to fall in love (This world is only gonna break your heart)
With you (This world is only gonna break your heart)”
Harry sings the backing and leads into the second verse . Maddy opens her eyes as Harry starts the second verse of the song and when it comes to to chorus she joins in. They sing the last verse together and Harry finishes it off
Nobody loves no one....” a tear trickles down Maddy's cheek this song stired so many emotions up from what's happened.
“I love him Harry, but why would he do that?”
“I know you do, and well I don't know I don't think the papers have gotten it right though, that Stacy chick is a bit of a slut.”
“Does he still love me?” Harry rolls his eyes at her question, “Do I really have to answer that... yes Maddy he does.” He runs his fingers though his hair.
“Yes Maddy?”
“I know this song just isn't for me.”
“Maddy you know how I feel, but i'm more concerned about how you feel and seeing you happy is what makes me happy.” she gives him that smile that makes his heart race
“So do you think we've got it?”
“Hell yea, we just need a few more practice runs and then we'll record it.”
“How will we do that if we're not together?”
“I'll send you some gear, but it's pretty easy.”
“Ok, this is going to be fun, thanks Harry, this song is already helping me.”


After some final tweaks and getting it properly edidted by Harry's studio team Maddy received the offical version via her email with the message
Maddy love, we've done it! I'll upload it as soon as you tell me. I've only used you're first name as requested. I hope you love it as much as I do. Much love Harry xx

Maddy clicks on the file and her voice starts playing out of her speakers, she listens to the whole song and this time she's confident and happy with the message they are portraying. She decides to text harry back instead of email.
Mad – Got it, love it, now upload it :P xx
Haz – OMG! Glad you love it and.... uploaded, watch this space x
Mad – Thanks for pulling me through

Harry rests his head against his headboard and closes his eyes he had promised himself not to chase after her but he couldn't help giving into the thought every now and then. He knew though that she would always end up with him, but he at least wanted to let Niall know that the move he was pulling wasn't cool even it that meant putting his foot in it.

The Daily News:
One Direction's Harry goes solo singing a back lashing song claimed to be at a former band mate for toying with girls hearts. All fingers point to Niall considering the amount of coverage he has been getting with new romance Stacy Mills. Sources are still wondering who the spectacular female vocals are, all we know is her name is Maddy. Is this a lover that has been burned by the blonde Irish bombshell himself or is this one of Harry's new ladies? All we know is that this song is climbing fast up the charts as people are loving the new sound this band member has created.

Maddy sees the headlines and smiles it has certainly done the trick at least she used her real name just encase Niall does contact her, she shoots Harry a message
Mad – it's worked! Getting front page on all the websites, oh Harry could I be one of you new ladies hahaha, now that I think of it did you actually tell the others you were doing this??
Haz – Maddy you've always been my lady, and no I didn't tell any of them but their reactions have been good, Liam hi fived me because I got to do what he's been dying to do; hear you sing again! Haven't been punched out by Ni yet.
Mad – haha, yes I do remember Li telling me to keep signing; oh gosh please don't let him do that to you and if he tries tell him to take it up with me ok?! Kisses to all of you love ya guts xx

After she had put down her phone it buzzes again she rolls her eyes thinking it's Harry with another whitty comment but is surpised to see a different number
Ni – Maddy can we talk? Her finger hovers over the reply button she really wanted to but now she all of a sudden had butterflies in her stomach
Mad - Yea sure, skype work for you?
Ni  – Yep x.
 His name instantly lights up on skype Maddy clicks the connect button and is greeting by the handsome face that she has been longing to see this whole time.
“Hey stranger.” She says trying to sound happy
“Is that how you really feel, the song was that to me?” he burries his head in his hands as a small sob escapes his lips. Maddy wants to reach out and hold him and before she knows it the words are coming out
“Ni, babe hey it's ok i'm right here, please don't cry.”
“Maddy it hurts.”
“What does?”
“To not be able to see and hold you,  I thought we were going good, and then I hear your voice so clear as if you were right beside me to then realise the words you are signing.”
“I'm sorry it was a low blow, I miss you so much Ni and to see those news articles about you hurt me a lot Niall, that was the same night we spoke to eachother how do you think I felt seeing some chick kiss you. I felt like shit and well... Harry came up with this idea....”
“Wait... let me finish, he came up with this idea to get your attention and it worked.”
“Why didn't you just talk to me?”
“Because I was afraid the rumors were true...”
“Maddy are you serious if you remember that night clearly you will see how much I am not over you, you goose I love you and only you.”
“So what do we do?”
“I don't know.” he sighs in defeat, he was a mess but he was glad he knew how she really felt
“Know that I love you,” he looks up now and though it's just a computer screen he is staring at he can see all of her emotions clearly displayed as if she was there, he wipes away another tear as he smiles at her, he blows her a kiss and ends the convesation. As soon as the screen goes blank the lets it all out. He couldn't surpress his love that he had for her at all and it was hurting him.
“Ni, hey we're....Shit are you alright mate?” Liam had walked in at the wrong time as he sees Niall's tear stained face and his laptop sitting in front of him.
“Yer, just talked to Maddy.”
“And,” Liam comes in and sits beside him and swings an arm around him and pats him on the back.
“We're good it just sucks we aren't with each other, I love her too much.”
“And Harry?”
“Fucked if I know.”
“Alright, come on let's go grab a bite to eat the others are all out there ready to tackle the media frenzy.” Niall gets up and wipes his face he couldn't really cover up that he had been crying, he grabs some dark shades and places them on and fixes his face into a straight line as he is ready to face them all.
“Ni, I just want....” He holds his hand up to Harry to shut it
“Later” is all he says, as the others scramble off the couches and they all walk to the front door and out of the apartment building. Harry smiles to himself it worked, he quickly grabs his coat swings it over his shoulder and walks out with the band into the flashing cameras.
“Not a word” Louis mumbles to them as they ignore the questions being fired to them and head straight down to their local cafe. The bell jingles and they step into a safe zone while the media gives up on the barade of questions for today. 

You could cut the tension with a knife
“Alright have it out the two of you!” Zyan brakes the silence
“She just wanted your attention.” Harry goes first
“or did you want her attention?” Niall spits back, Harry takes it on the chin he wasn't going to beat around the bush,
“Well yea, I thought you two were through, I suggested this song to see how she would react to it and I got my answer.”
“And what was that?”
“You know, or do I have to spell it out for you?” Harry now gets smart with him.
“Just tell us so we at least know.” Louis speaks up.
“Christ, she still loves you! And it's always going to be fucking you!”
“I know,”
“Then what the fuck are you going to do about it!” Harry pushes he was ready to fight for Maddy but he couldn't tell if Niall would do the same for the girl they loved. Niall holds his head and massages his scalp at that point all their phones buzz.
X factor Australia  has asked for your help in mentoring some of their finalists. I said yes. Gig starts next month, you will also be performing on one of the nights.
They all look at one another
“What a coinsidence.”
“You better chase her when we touch down.”
“Wait looks like they are coming here first, and then we fly out later to Australia.” Zayn shows them the schedule he just got on his email.
“I will, don't you worry about it.” they move past their differences and order their usual round of drinks.

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